Lost In Space – Season 3 Episode 4 “Nothing Left Behind” Recap & Review

Nothing Left Behind

Episode 4 of Lost In Space Season 3 begins with the Jupiter bound for Alpha Centauri. Grant and Judy discuss their close call with the asteroid last episode, as everyone looks set to reach Alpha Centauri.

Down in the cargo hold, Robot starts to glow and flash. Unfortunately, SAR manages to use Scarecrow to connect to him, trying to find Will’s location. In fact, with a holographic map out, Robot utters a “danger, family,” before SAR destroys Scarecrow completely. He’s gone, killed by SAR, as Maureen and John’s location has been compromised.

With no weapons and ways to defend themselves, John speaks plainly to the others and decides they need to try and save their kids. In order to do that, John and Maureen set to work destroying any evidence of where the kids may be. Their lives depend on this. The adults scramble around the ship, destroying everything they can that could hint at Alpha Centauri.

Meanwhile, Penny encourages the kids to band together and use these coordinates to go after their parents and bring them back. By a show of hands, all the kids unanimously agree to jeopardize the Alpha Centauri mission to get back to their parents.

Despite these votes, it all comes down to Judy’s choice, given she’s the captain. Will though, has an alternate plan that may help them. And just like that, the kids show up at the exact coordinates, just as SAR and his robots appear. They’re actually on the Fortuna, Grant’s ship. It turns out they all used the Jupiter as a decoy, drawing SAR away in order to dock Jupiter 2.

With the kids and adults reconvening together, Maureen realizes Grant Kelly is alive and with them. She’s understandably shocked but right now, there are bigger things at work here. SAR is closing in on them and after waking up Smith, intending to use her as a decoy, Will’s plan goes completely awry. SAR closes in on Jupiter 2. As they begin their jump to Alpha Centauri, the Robinson’s realize they can’t give up the location to Alpha Centauri. In order to get around that, they jump to a random location, SAR’s ship hot on their tail.

Penny and the rest of the crew make it intact to Alpha Centauri but for the Robinson family, they’ve got no choice but to abandon ship. Just as they do, spiraling out of control, Penny, Judy and Maureen find their ejectors jammed. Uh oh!

The Episode Review

Lost in Space returns with a shorter episode this time around, showcasing the lengths SAR will go to catch Will Robinson.

Drawing SAR away and seeing the Robinson family marooned on another planet seems to hint that the kids are going to vote on this again and fly back to save them. It’s been a pretty common theme throughout this season – that of togetherness and family – and it’s something that’s woven nicely through this episode too.

The ending hints that we’ve got plenty more drama to come though, as this final season promises to conclude with a bang.

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