Lost In Space – Season 3 Episode 3 “The New Guy” Recap & Review

The New Guy

Episode 3 of Lost In Space Season 3 begins with Scarecrow leading the Robinson’s up to an abandoned ship. There’s a whole horde of robots lurking about though, but this seems to be the spot they can salvage an engine from. With 12 robots to fight against, the plan is put into place to take the engine for themselves. John remains wary of Scarecrow’s allegiances.

Grant and Judy touch down, landing two-miles below the canyon and into camp. All the kids rush up to meet him, as the rest of Grant’s crew (still in cryo pods of course) are taken into camp.

With 19 hours until the launch window closes, Judy sets the others to work. The thruster is now operational but Will is off documenting the alien city, making a record of the most important archeological discovery.

According to Will, it seems the city was destroyed off the back of a volcanic blast. However, as he shoots a flare down into the depths of the city, numerous skeletal remains lay strewn across the pathways. It seems like there’s been one heck of a massacre.

Will’s search eventually brings him to a control console, where he uses one of the severed alien hands to turn it on. Pressing each of the different buttons seems to transmit an alternate frequency of noise.

Judy and Dr Smith go looking for Will in the tunnels. Once alone, Smith reveals that she can actually fly the Jupiter. Because of this, she worries that they won’t have enough air if Grant and his crew are aboard too. Smith refuses to go into the cryo sleep too, given her obvious distrust for everyone around her. “The only thing worse than being bad, is being powerless.” She says.

Judy refuses to play ball but just before Smith smacks her with a crowbar, the ominous shrieks from before distract them. It’s Will.

The ground starts shaking, the ceiling caves and Will Robinson finds himself scrambling for cover. Using that very same crowbar, Smith manages to keep the doors open long enough for Will to scramble through to safety.

Meanwhile, John’s suspicions lead him back inside the ship, where he and Maureen find Bed Sadler’s personnel file open. It seems Scarecrow is trying to recall its memories, which Maureen interprets as a good thing. John though is more reserved. He’s concerned that Scarecrow will just fly off once they get aboard the alien ship.

Maureen puts her trust in this robot though and leaves with Scarecrow. Don and John work together, serving as the bait to draw the robots away.

Before we see the outcome of this mission, we skip across to Will and the gang as they eventually make it back to Jupiter. With Grant Kelly turning off the autopilot, Judy is concerned that he won’t be able to fly off the planet and through the asteroid field. “You rely too much on computers,” He notes, reminding her why he’s such a good pilot.

With the ship taking off, Grant Kelly ignores the computer and begins flying through the asteroid belt. (There’s a Star Wars joke about the odds of this working in here somewhere!)

Judy isn’t willing to take any risks. She reboots Maureen’s autopilot and it manages to bring them out to safety. Grant relinquishes his control, admitting that Judy is the true Captain. He also reveals that Maureen originally wanted to be an astronaut too.

Speaking of which, the time arrives and Scarecrow prepares to attack the alien craft. With John and Don serving as the distraction, drawing the robots away, Scarecrow grabs the engine… but there’s a problem, It turns out the whole thing was one big trap, as robots appear out the ground – led by SAR. Maureen scrambles for cover and watches helplessly as Scarecrow is stabbed and and taken away. It turns out the engine was bait all along, and they walked right into it.

The Episode Review

Things certainly don’t look good for the Robinson adults as they’re left stranded with little hope of salvation. How will they manage to fix the ships and make it to Alpha Centauri? Speaking of which, Will and Judy manage to get the guys off this desolate planet, thanks in part to Dr. Grant Kelly. There’s certainly a close call here though, what with the asteroid belt, but the guys are finally on their way now.

The problem is, it seems to be coming a little too late, with the gang now at the mercy of SAR, who’s desperate to find Will and Judy. Will they manage to hold their nerve? Or will this murderous robot find them?

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  1. I think it is so stupid that they apparently have to put Smith in cryosleep.. seriously there are 100 of them and none of them have breathing difficulties!.. what is one extra person going to do?

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