Lost In Space – Season 3 Episode 2 “Contact” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Lost In Space Season 3 begins with Judy setting off to find Grant Kelly. Heading aboard the ship, she manages to open one of the cryo pods but there’s a problem. The heart monitor flatlines and Grant Kelly looks like a goner. Thanks to some ingenuity, Judy manages to bring him back from the brink.

Grant finally awakens and gets up to speed on what’s going on. Judy lets him know about the 97 kids and their colony. Eventually the pair make it aboard the lander and make their way across the surface of the planet, dodging numerous meteor blasts. A huge dust cloud swarms over them but the important thing is, they’re both safe.

Back at camp, Smith isn’t exactly thrilled with their plan to leave Alpha Centauri. She continues to wind Will up, and even more so when she finds out Robot has galivanted off on its own.  Anyway, Smith eventually tags along with Penny and Will as they go looking for Robot. On the way, they uncover a strange rock that happens to be hiding a tunnel. There appears to be some sort of alien technology involved in this too.

Anyway, the trio start heading through the tunnel but they walk right into trouble. Thanks to a rockfall, Penny and Will find themselves separated from Smith. Thankfully, the latter manages to save the pair, just as Robot appears and tells them all there’s danger afoot for the whole family.

Meanwhile, John and Maureen decide to use the full parts of a blown up robot to fix crucial bits of their ship. Maureen knows just where to look, heading off to hunt for SAR’s remains. The planet is pretty desolate, and with a massive storm raging on, Maureen tries to guide Don and John through the dust and debris when they touch down.

Radio interference is a constant problem, and with no reply from Don, John believes there may be something out there stalking him. Although he finds the tarp holding SAR’s remains, there’s nothing there. John eventually makes it back into the craft but they’re worried. With SAR’s remains gone, it could well be that this maniacal robot is looking for Will.

With several ominous scratch marks up the ceiling of their ship, John and Maureen realize they’re not alone. There’s something on the ship with them. And that something happens to be Scarecrow.

Through Scarecrow they manage to communicate with Will and Penny, with Robot serving as a sort of conduit. It seems finding Scarecrow to help Will’s parents was all part of Robot’s plan. It was also his way of apologizing for sabotaging the titanium.

Just prior to this chat, communications are severed with Maureen and John, warning that SAR may still be alive. Unfortunately SAR is most certainly alive, and he growls “Find Will Robinson,” as the episode closes out.

The Episode Review

Lost In Space continues our story with Will, Penny and Judy separated from their parents. The show continues to contrast these two storylines against one another, with the reveal that SAR is still alive a very real threat for the Robinson family to deal with.

Seeing the kids manage to communicate with the adults is a nice touch and it’s a light bite of relief in what’s otherwise a pretty dramatic and action-packed episode. The ending hints that we’ve got lots more drama to come though, leaving the door wide open for where this one may go next.

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