Lost Boys and Fairies – Season 1 Episode 3 “Look At Your Kind Face” Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Look At Your Kind Face

Episode 3 of Lost Boys and Fairies begins with Jake at his foster home. He asks his foster mum to explain how Andy died. He is told that he fell over and hit his head. Jake struggles to believe her story and asks what time his daddy is coming to pick him up. He is told that Gabriel won’t be coming just yet because he is feeling sad. 

At a social work meeting, Jake’s social worker isn’t sure Jake should be put into adoption with Gabriel because of the events that have happened. But the head of the meeting suggests they should all reconvene after Andy’s funeral to discuss the matter further. 

We cut to Gabriel, who is preparing to go to the funeral with Sandra, Andy’s mum. She asks if Jake is coming to the funeral but he tells her he can’t think about Jake right now. 

Outside is a large procession of Neverland performers waiting to follow Gabriel and Sandra to the funeral. Gabriel’s dad turns up and gets into the car with them. 

The funeral and the wake are packed with people, including Jake’s foster mother who gives Gabriel a comforting hug. He asks after Jake and she tells him he’s finding it difficult to get his head around what happened. She tells Gabriel to “take his time.” 

When Gabriel is talking to Jackie, Emrys interrupts and tells his son he thinks it best if he doesn’t adopt Jake. He thinks he might struggle on his own. Understandably, Gabriel reacts badly to his father. 

How does Gabriel cope with the loss of Andy?

That night, Gabriel visits Neverland with Sandra and then goes to the spot where Andy’s body was found. He returns home in a drunken state and clears out Andy’s wardrobe. When his stage mother arrives to comfort him, he flashbacks to a scene when he was being cared for by somebody helping him with his drug addiction. 

The next day, Jackie arrives and tells Gabriel that she will do all she can to make sure he can adopt Jake. But in the meantime, she thinks Gabriel should take time to grieve and see a counsellor. 

Gabriel goes into a spiral, drinking heavily and arranging sex with strangers. When he attends an orgy, he relapses when he takes drugs again for the first time in years. We then get a montage of Gabriel at various stages in his life singing “Mad World.” It’s an emotional sequence as it’s a reflection of Gabriel’s turbulent life. 

Gabriel heads to Neverland where he collapses. He is then taken to hospital. After receiving treatment, he thinks he sees Jake outside his ward but it’s somebody else. 

At home, Gabriel is a broken mess, wailing uncontrollably in grief. When he meets with Jackie, she tells him she’s not sure the panel will accept him as Jake’s adopter because of the relapse. She then asks him to record a video for Jake, to reassure the boy that he hasn’t forgotten him. 

Gabriel makes a video for Jake and tells him that he loves him very much. He then meets with a therapist and tries to convince her that he’s ready to start a family with Jake. He tells her he has gotten over the five stages of grief but she knows he hasn’t even got past the first stage – denial. A montage of scenes follows in which he has regular meetings with her and works his way through his grief.

Gradually, we see Gabriel getting on with his life and moving on from his relapse. He meets with Jackie who thinks he’s now ready to go back to the panel to arrange the adoption with Jake. She isn’t sure they’ll say yes, but she tells him Jake wants the adoption to work as much as he does. 

Does the panel accept Gabriel as Jake’s adopter?

At the meeting, the panel tell Gabriel they have to weigh up the risk of whether it’s in Jake’s best interests to be adopted by him. Gabriel admits that he messed up but tells them he loves Jake and has a support network who will help him make the adoption work. 

The panel think hard about what to do and decide that Gabriel and Jake are a good match. Gabriel rings his dad to let him know but hangs up when his dad goes quiet. This is a pity as Emrys was actually relieved for his son but unable to find the right words to say to him. A moment later, Jackie turns up and asks Gabriel to meet with Jake’s birth mother. He’s reluctant to do so but she thinks it’s important as he will one day be able to answer Jake’s questions about her. 

Gabriel meets with Becky, Jake’s mum. The meeting doesn’t get off to a good start because Becky is nervous and puts her foot in it with Jackie, who is also present. It gets better when she become more at ease while answering Gabriel’s questions about Jake’s past. When he asks what she hopes Jake achieves, she says “more than I have.”

It’s then time for Becky to ask Gabriel questions. She asks why he’s single and he reveals what happened to Andy. She also asks Gabriel if he will love Jake. He says he will and this leads to a lovely conversation between them when she tells Gabriel that she loves Jake too. The meeting ends with an emotional parting of the two parents. 

Ending Explained – What happens to Gabriel and Jake?

At the end of the episode, we see Gabriel in a car with Jake and Andy. Of course, Andy isn’t really there – he’s a figment of Gabriel’s imagination. Andy appears happy, which is likely a reflection of Gabriel’s own mental state as he prepares for a life with Jake.

The episode concludes with a scene of Emrys writing a card to Jake – a scene that shows he’s ready to be a grandfather to the boy. We then see Gabriel and Jake driving away together. While there’s not another episode to show us what happened to them, it can be assumed that they are a good match – two lost boys who have found each other and in desperate need of what the other can offer them.

The Episode Review

After the first episode of Lost Boys and Fairies, I expected the ensuing episodes to focus on the lives of Gabriel and Andy and the boy they had adopted together. I expected scenes of struggle as they faced up to the difficulties of being parents.

As it happened, the series turned out far differently, with a larger focus on Gabriel and the journey he went through on his way to being a single father. I’m slightly disappointed that the story didn’t follow the path that I thought it would go down. I’m also disappointed that Andy was killed off in the second episode as this led to Jake experiencing more tragedy in his young life. 

But despite the story taking a different direction, Lost Boys and Fairies managed to maintain my interest to the very end. It’s a gripping and powerful series anchored by some brilliant performances, most notably Sion Daniel Young as Gabriel, who is especially good in episode 3 during a scene in which he exhibits the extent of his character’s grief. It’s truly heart-wrenching to watch.

Thankfully, the series ends on a positive note, offering hope to anybody needing a shot at redemption in their own lives. Life doesn’t always work out perfectly, of course, which is what Gabriel discovered during the course of the three episodes. But here’s hoping that he and Jake went on to have a very happy life together. After all they had been through, they are certainly deserving of a chance of happiness. 

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