LostAlone – The Warring Twenties | Album Review

Track Listing

Enduring the Dream
Time Goes Fast When You’re Having Fun
The Last Drop of Forever
Punchline Punched Back
False Flag Feelings
Lost & Found Balance
Toy Ghosts
I Don’t Need a Rocket to Find My Own Space
Over Under A Spell
The Warring Twenties


Heart thumping guitar work and signified rage come together to conjure up a sound for the ages, and a sound which breaches the inner sanctum of innovation. LostAlone is this band that has been in trenches for so long it’s ludicrous, but now they’re ready to climb out and certify their music as significant and relevant. They’re an act which has toured extensively around the world, with global bands and artists placing their music into the ears of an infatuated fanbase.

The Warring Twenties is a record purring to be validated and it has the songs that could propel LostAlone into the echelons of stardom. From the onset, the album pulses, and it doesn’t lose any momentum or quality, proving that LostAlone can mix it with hard-hitters. Those alluring guitar moments are technical as ever, and the vocal work imprints a lasting effect.

Grinding out an album or rushing an idea usually means mediocrity, but LostAlone has embarked on fine tuning their sound to give themselves the biggest chance of stealing the hearts of their faithful.

‘Enduring The Dream’ begins the record with relentless guitar wonderment, and the vocals pulsate like a beating heart. It’s loud and frantic and doesn’t lose control.

‘The Last Drop Of Forever’ begins with brash intentions, creating a purposeful sound, and one that calms and then gains pace. The vocal work is quirky. False Flag Feelings is a true rock song, instilled with memorable guitar strokes and unrelenting vocals, and the lyrics describe giving up on the wonders of what life can bring. It has poppy influences too.

LostAlone has created a record brimming in hooks and character with The Warring Twenties – they’ve certainly struck gold with this one.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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