Los Saints – Welcome To Confusion | Album Review

Track List

Howee Beat
Lost You
Oh Snap
Found You Somewhere


Memories conjure up vivid snapshots of the past on this release by Los Saints, and while the music seems upbeat at times, there is a stricken undercurrent spiking through the over-skin.

Although this is the case, the sound is a riveting melting pot of styles, encapsulating the written word so well. Moments of clarity come to the fore too, and when this happens, the poetry commits to realism and intensity.

The rock trio, which hails from San Diego, is adept at playing and letting their thoughts become their beacons of light, and with Welcome To Confusion they’ve created something wild and intelligent. This intelligence stems from inner belief, and the band portrays through their music that they’re reaching out for hope in a overblown world. Hurt is commonplace, and the band crave to hold themselves together to get to the next day.

The music soars at times, managing to be inspirational. The brooding vocals add suspense, and the guitar sound is fuzzy and unconventional. And Los Saints try to paint this picture of light when the darkness starts to interfere, but with their instruments and their words of reason, they’re equipped to stand the test.

‘IDK’ starts the collection off calmly. This soft guitar sound then proceeds into a louder frequency. The song is fitting, and love has become strained. It’s a simple stab at poetry, but it still offers so much. ‘Lost You’ begins with an engaging riff, and the lyrics detail love being torn apart. Hearts are pushed to the limits here. It’s a love song, sour in its presentation.

‘Oh Snap’ opens on the same level, and the fuzzy guitars compliment the brooding vocals. The light is flickering and beginning to fade.

Los Saints has created a record of melancholy. Welcome To Confusion hits all the boxes in terms of musicality and poetic wonderment.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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