Loser – Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget | Album Review

Track Listing

Heaven Can Wait
Hold On To You
Only One
The More I Know


Dreams are scarce in these times, and they’re bottled up in brains more so now than they’ve ever been, bobbling about aimlessly. Courage is needed in these times though, a battle-hard persona which can cut through the bullshit, and when the world is about to crash, there’s a band called Loser that convey through their material with inner beliefs gone bad.

Rallying cries are here to entice the people to listen to a fear ridden collection of songs that aren’t sugar-coated or formed to ruffle the industry, but have been made as a connective cord. Such imagery has been placed into these tracks, as well as moments of tenderness, though it’s an infrequent occurrence as Loser is angry at the world, their demons, and these unsettling times.

Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget opens with ‘Heaven Can Wait’. It’s a startling beginning with fierce vocal work and a blistering guitar presence. There’s no let-up or any underwhelming segments here, and that solo is majestic. ‘Hold On To You’ is a softer track that progresses into a blood pumping chorus, and the lyrics are imaginative and story-driven.

‘Only One’, by comparison, begins beautifully, and the guitars are electrifying, with an acoustic sound beating in the background. The vocals are well toned, producing a rallying chime. ‘The More I Know’ ends the EP in style, boasting the loudest song on the record, which happens to include a punk groove. It’s a dynamic swan-song which aims to wake the crowd.

Loser has created an EP here that goes against the norm, and we’re here for it.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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