Lords of the Fallen (2023) Guide: “Pilgrim’s Perch” Walkthrough

Lords of the Fallen (2023) Guide: Pilgrim’s Perch

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Pilgrim’s Perch Ascent

Pilgrim’s Perch Descent

 Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds (Boss)


Pilgrim’s Perch Ascent

When you first arrive at Pilgrim’s Perch, take out the enemy to your right and then proceed over to the left. Before you can grab the item, you’ll fall down to the ledge below. Once you do, grab 3x Bleed Salts.

Before you climb back up the ladder, switch over to Umbral and cross the bridge, jumping the gaps. At the far end, you’ll find a corpse holding 1x Lacerating Knife. Climb back up the ladder and then ascend the next one (pictured below).

Take out the zombified enemies here and activate the Umbral flowerbed. Now, just behind this section you’ll notice a locked gate (pictured below). Once you gain the Pilgrim’s Perch Key in Skyrest Bridge, you’ll be able to go in. There’s a treasure chest there containing 1x Sacred Resonance Armor Set.

Next, continue along the path and take out the enemies along the way. When you head back out into the open again, enter Umbral and you’ll find a new path leading to the left. Follow this all the way along, jumping when needed, and you’ll be able to grab 1x Hallowed Bow and 1x Pulsing Arrows at the end of the path.

Double-back to the main path and start to ascend. Unfortunately, there’s a new spiked-helmet brute here. It’ll hit hard, headbutting you and damaging you for a fair chunk of HP. Along with slamming their head into the ground, they also have a double-hit strike you need to watch out for.

Next to the ladder, you’ll be able to grab 4x Small Deralium Fragment. At the top, head over and loot the corpse which holds 1x Plain Shield.

Enter Umbral and head to the opposite side of this perch to find another rock platform we can pull over to us.

Hop over the platform and use Soulflay to reach the other side. Before you continue on, make note of the ladder leading down (pictured below). If you climb down here, you can actually kick a plank and cut out a lot of backtracking should you die in the areas ahead.

When you’re ready, continue on this path and hop over the wooden planks. Be careful, another of these larger spiked-headed brutes are lurking about.

Take out the enemies and you’ll notice that there are two ladders, one leading up and the other going down. Destroy the Effigy by the ladder going up and climb. At the top, you’ll notice a hanging platform.

It’s quite hard to time this but you basically need to run and jump over to the platform, and then over to the ledge on the other side. Take out the enemies along the way and grab 1x Hallowed Praise. 

Up the next two ladders, turn right and activate Umbral.

This will reveal a brand new ledge we can cross over. Activate your Umbral Lamp and grab 1x Holy Blood Ring.

Continue back to the main path and jump down to the next area. There are several different enemies here, including another of these spiked helmet brutes. Take them all out but before proceeding, Head to the corner of this platform (where we hopped over) and position the camera to face down. If you drop at the right angle, you’ll be able to grab 1x Perdam Falchion.

Head back to this platform and then activate Umbral (if you’re in Axiom right now) and turn toward the edge of the platform (pictured below).

Proceed forward and use Soulflay to pull the platform toward you and hop over. Zig-zag over and then climb onto the next platform and hop over. Balance over the wooden beams and grab 1x Thorned Crimson Rector Sword. Kick down the ladder to create a shortcut.

Jump from the wooden beams (just ahead of where the sword item was) and over to the other side. Be careful of the spiked-helmet goon here and dispatch both of them. On the platform there is 4x Small Deralium Fragment.

Head inside the cave and all the way to the far end. There, you’ll be able to activate Vestige of Blind Agatha. There’s also an NPC called Byron.

Behind Byron  you’ll also find 1x Map of Pilgrim’s Perch Descent. There’s an inactive elevator, along with a locked door too.


Pilgrim’s Perch Descent

Head through the main cave to the other side. Once here, you’ll notice two groups of enemies that will immediately attack when you show up. Be careful here as if you fall in the water you’ll die instantly.

After taking these enemies out, enter Umbral and you’ll notice the water is gone. Hop down into the new empty chasm, just before the waterfall, and continue along the path up the stairwell on the opposite side. Watch out for the enemies here as there are some particularly nasty ones lurking around. 

Toward the end of the chamber, use Soulflay on the wall to grab 1x Umbral Eye of Rosamund.

Continue along and follow the slope to the top. Be careful of the red areas on the wall, as these will explode if you get too close. In the next room, grab 1x Antique Hallowed Sentinel Armor Set and also 3x Bleed Resistance Balm. Climb the stairs and grab 3x Minor Fire Salts from the altar. At the end of this passageway, you’ll be back outside. 

Break the wooden structure on the left and you’ll find one of the Tincts, Pridebound. There’s also an Effigy at the entrance of the cave. 

There’s a fair number of enemies down below so be sure to stick to Axiom to take them out before switching to Umbral. Collect the Stigma hanging from the cage. Go up the stairs next and at the edge of this platform, you’ll find 1x Hallowed Sentinel Scripture. Turn toward the ladder and push it down. Then, go left and cross over the wooden planks. On the far left, you’ll be able to grab 1x Ardent Penitent Head Cage.

Turn and drop down, taking out the spiked helmet guy, along with the projectile goon. After, enter Umbral and cross the bridge that will appear.

Smash the boxes on the left to find a corpse holding 2x Ammunition Pouch and 2x Small Manastone Cluster. Go into the cave behind them and we’ll be back at the earlier Vestige point by Byron. 

Next, head back inside the earlier chamber with the two groups of enemies and break the boxes ahead (pictured above) to grab 1x Faint Vigor Skull. Head back outside and there will be another floating platform we need to jump over. Be careful here as there’s a projectile goon that will fire energy constantly in your direction.

Hop over the gap, take out the enemy and continue on. 

Be careful here as there’s another spiked helmet goon midway up the path. You can either goad it to the other side of the platform to a larger arena to avoid falling, or rush past. Trying to fight it here is less than ideal given the limited space to move.

At the end of the path, there’s a ladder leading all the way down. Climb down and grab 1x Faint Vigor Skull from behind the ladder. There’s also an Umbral Flowerbed here too, should you wish to use it.

Now, switch over to Umbral before descending the next ladder. 

You’ll notice a whole new area that will appear, unfortunately full of enemies. There’s also a corpse in the middle we can use Soulflay on. Do this and grab 1x Bowl of Revelations and 2x Umbral Scouring. That bowl can actually be traded with Molha back at the Skyrest Sanctuary. In doing so, it will allow you to trade in your Remembrances from boss fights in exchange for unique armor. So this is definitely worth doing. 

Take out all the enemies and climb up the ladder on the opposite side. At the very top, circle around to the back and pick up 3x Umbral Vertebrae (area pictured below).

On the opposite side of this platform, hop over and destroy the Effigy. Climb down the ladder and kick the plank behind to add in a welcome shortcut.

Turn back 180 degrees and continue on the set path until you find an enemy by a bell. Be careful as there are two other enemies on either side of the crates that will attack. Take all three of these guys out and grab 2x Ammunition Pouch and 2x Manastone Cluster from the corpse to the left.

Climb down the next ladder and be careful as there are a litany of different enemies to take out. There’s the spiked helmet goon, a parasite guy and a couple of projectile-throwing enemies too.

Once they’re all out, turn toward a second ladder, slightly smaller than the one we descended just now (pictured below).

Climb up this ladder and loot the corpse to grab 2x Small Manastone Cluster and 2x Ammunition Pouch.

Next, proceed across the wooden beams sticking out and make note of the corpse sticking out the wall. There are three of these in total, but we’ll start from the bottom and work our way up. 

Enter Umbral and descend down the bone path (pictured below)

Defeat the enemies along the way and under the platform we originally descended to fight all those enemies, you’ll find a corpse we can Soulflay. Do so and grab 1x Book of Sin. The corpse is just beyond this, impaled on the edge of the roof.

Remove it and ascend back up the stairs. The second will be at the top of those wooden beams. Head up as far as you can go to the ruined roof, then position to the camera to the top left.

The third is located just to the right of the Umbral doorway.

After Soulflaying all three, the path will be opened and we can proceed through. Soulflay the corpse on the front of the door to proceed inside. Watch out for the explosive parts on the walls as you press on.

Climb down the ladder and you’ll find another Umbral flowerbed to use. Follow the pathway along, and descend the next ladder. Here, you’ll find another ladder leading down and a long pathway ahead (pictured below).

Before you do anything else, hop over the beam to your right and collect 1x Radiant Bolt. Now, defeat the enemies in this corridor and hop into the elevator. This will bring us all the way back to the Vestige of Blind Agatha and cut out a lot of backtracking.

Descend back down and this time, take the ladder to the lower level (by the Radiant Bolt collectible).

Take out the enemies here and one of them will drop 1x Prison Cell Key. Take this over to the cage and speak with an NPC named Gerlinde. She will ask for the key. Hand it over and she’ll head over to Skyrest Bridge, and open up a forge. This is extremely useful as she’ll be able to upgrade your equipment.

Still in this chamber, switch to Umbral and Soulflay the corpse on the wall. Proceed inside to find a chest holding 1x Defiance Ring.

Now, if you have the Pilgrim’s Perch Key, you’ll be able to head inside the locked door here, with enemies guarding a rare item, 1x Warrior’s Claw.

With all of that done, ascend up the ladder and return to the hallway with the elevator. Proceed all the way to the far end and you’ll find a path leading down and a lever.

Pull the lever and an elevator will ascend. Hop inside and let it take you all the way down. There’s an NPC here that sells gear, and we’re going to need it as there’s another boss at the end.


Gentle Gaverus

Boss Fight – Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds

Gentle Gaverus is actually quite simple compared to some of the other bosses in this game. She only has a few different attacks, which will certainly help us out with the strategy for this ne.

She is a ranged attacker, mostly keeping a distance and pinging arrows in our direction. There’s a charged arrow, which she’ll charge up by dropping to her knees and firing off in your direction. She also has a standard arrow hit too. 

When you get near to her, Gaverus will pull out her sword and attack, or even drop a smoke bomb and switch around the arena but she’s much more effective at long-range than close up.

She has a moderate amount of health but the hounds that follow are far more tricky to handle. The idea here is to keep moving and attack between the times Gaverus pings off the arrows. If you’re lucky, you may be able to corner her and get extra hits in to avoid lots of damage. In fact, if you’re strong enough you can avoid attacking the hounds at all.

These hounds have a decent chunk of HP and are a hassle to deal with, given they’ll needlessly slow you down. Gaverus will conjure up to three hounds to chase you and with three on your tail, things are pretty manic and difficult. The general idea is to whittle down the hound numbers then return to fighting Gaverus, all whilst avoiding her arrows, so be sure to position the camera so she’s always in your line of sight if you find yourself tackling the hounds.

It’s a good idea to keep moving around the arena, circling about while keeping an eye on Gaverus the whole time. Her ranged attacks can do a good deal of damage but they also require a lot of wind-up time so after each arrow pinged in your direction, you should be able to get some good hits in. If you’re patient, you should be able to take her down without too much hassle.

1x Sin-Piercer Boots  1x Vestige Seed 1x Ammunition Satchel
1x Sin-Piercer Sword    

With the boss defeated, climb down the ladder at the edge of the arena and all the way to the far end. On the way, grab 3x Poison Resistance Balm from the corpse. After, activate the Vestige of Olleren on the wall and head outside the cave.

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