Lootere – Season 1 Episode 6 “Zero Hundred” Recap & Review

Zero Hundred

Episode 6 kicks off with AK Singh telling Ruhan that Faisal isn’t a pirate but a hardcore member of a Somali terrorist gang called Al-Muharib, who are always plotting a big coup to take down the government. AK Singh, sly as a fox, asks for a loo break, and while he is at it, uses a hidden satellite phone to send out a rescue message. Soon, news breaks about the UK-Kivyal hijack in India, and Rawat contacts Waris, his guy in Mombasa, to dig up all the deets on the captured ship.

Waris meets up with Rawat and briefs him on the hijacking, linking Vikrant’s and Ajay’s companies to the trouble. Even though Waris doesn’t have solid proof, his gut feeling points fingers at Vikrant for somehow being involved. The situation is so dire that Rawat orders Waris to head to Somalia despite concerns about the country being on the brink of civil war. Reluctantly, Waris agrees, feeling like he’s got no other choice.

On the ship, Salah tries to make a move on Aisha, but thankfully, Barkhand steps in just in time. Koombe, on the other hand, accuses Barkhand of going soft, but Barkhand isn’t having any of it, and gives Koombe a piece of his mind. This ticks off Koombe, and he starts stirring up trouble among the crew, claiming Barkhand’s lost his edge and shouldn’t be in charge.

Avika arrives in Haradhere, looking for Rashid for info on Ismail. Rashid tells her to meet him at Hyatt Ali Bazar, the local info hub, to inquire about Ismail’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Vik rings Avika, practically begging her to come back home, claiming Haradhere’s a danger zone, but Avika, being the stubborn woman she is, doesn’t budge an inch. For days, Avika scours the streets of Haradhere, but it’s all a wild goose chase. Finally, Rashid informs her that Ismail’s on a Ukrainian ship called Uk-Kivyal. Trouble brews when Koombe gets wind of Ismail’s connection to Vikrant. He talks to Faisal, adding that the loot they’re after ain’t on the ship but at the ocean’s bottom.

Waris meets Vikrant Gandhi, letting him know he knows about his shady dealings. Waris proposes a deal that if Vik helps him free the crew, he’ll ensure that Vik and his family safely flee Somalia. To sweeten the pot, Waris gives Vik some breathing room to mull it over. Vik finds Avika in Haradhere, pleading for her to come back with him but when Avika stands her ground, Vik declares that he’ll now return when Ismael is with him. 

Vikrant returns to the port, but this time Faisal does not throw a welcome party but sucker punches him instead. Faisal reveals he knows about the sunken loot and almost strangles Vikrant, but Vik’s silver tongue saves him. He promises Faisal a goldmine opportunity that can benefit them both. Faisal warns Vikrant that one wrong move, and his family will never see the light of the day. 

Waris buzzes Vikrant and tells him that Navy SEALs are gearing in for a rescue op tonight and asks Vik to relay the information to the crew members. At the ship, Vikrant sneaks AK Singh the information, telling him to keep safe when the bullets start flying. 

As night descends, tensions escalate on the ship. Koombe makes a move on Salah, but when Salah threatens to expose his secret, Koombe snaps and tosses Salah overboard. Desperate to prove his masculinity, Koombe then tries to assault Aisha, but she fights back, grabbing a wrench and ending Koombe’s life. On the other front, Navy SEALs stealthily board the ship, swiftly taking down the pirates, but what was meant to be a quiet rescue quickly escalates into a full-blown assault.

The Episode Review

Vikrant seems to have hit rock bottom, both in his professional and personal life. In Mogadishu, people are scheming to ensure he doesn’t stand a chance in the upcoming presidential election. Just when he thought things couldn’t get worse, his multimillion-dollar shipment takes a dip into the ocean.

Now, Vikrant’s not chasing money anymore; he just wants safety for himself and his loved ones. That’s why he’s teamed up with Waris, who’s promised him a safe exit strategy but even if this plan pans out, there’s no guarantee that things will smooth over between him and Avika.

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