Loot – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

We Shouldn’t Exist

In Loot Season 2 Episode 10, Molly and Grace appear on a magazine cover with the title “We Shouldn’t Exist: A New Type of Billionaire.”

Who is Norman Lofton?

Norman Lofton wants to tour a “Space for Everyone location.” With how rich he is, if he funds, they won’t need any other donors.

Later, Arthur calls their almost-kiss a mistake, disappointing Molly. She pretends to agree, however.

Then Ainsley tells Sofia how inspiring she is for always putting others before herself, over even her well-being and happiness. This shakes Sofia. She can’t stop thinking about Isaac, and she can’t answer Norm’s questions about the project. Molly talks with her about Isaac, encouraging her to take the leap if she truly loves him.

Norman is truly impressed by Molly’s work. He gets her word that she’s really going to follow through and promises that he’ll be in touch.

Does Nicholas’ birth mother contact him?

Meanwhile, Nicholas gets a call from a Korean woman, possibly his birth mother. He gets drunk and decides to call her back, leaving several emotional voicemails. It turns out not to be his mother, but a casting director who’s interested in him for a role that would take him to Korea for six months.

Does Molly join the cult of billionaires?

Later that night, Norman asks to chat with Molly. When she meets him, she comes across what looks like a scene out of Eyes Wide Shut. A group of men in robes and masks tell her that her activities threaten their way and she must cease them. The leader of the group of rich people is Norman, who tells her she’s crazy for upsetting the natural order of things. 

They offer Molly a place in their group, but she doesn’t want it. She says she and Grace are going to start their own group, finding people who care about humanity. Unfortunately, the group swayed Grace over to their side. She says she realized she loves money too much.

Do Sofia and Isaac get back together?

Meanwhile, Sofia shows up at one of Isaac’s shows. He stops in the middle of playing to talk to her. She says nothing she accomplished meant anything without him by her side, and he stops her from talking more with a kiss.

How does Loot Season 2 end?

When Sofia texts Molly about her successful “leap” with Isaac, Molly is convicted to share her feelings with Arthur. Molly kisses him after showing up on his doorstep, not knowing that Willa is inside. When she catches them, Molly runs away, asking Nicholas to take her as far away as possible. It looks like Nicholas has the perfect idea of where to go.

The Episode Review

I assume Nicholas is taking Molly to Korea and that we’ll get an arc next season where he explores acting more and searches for his birth mother.

As for Arthur–it’s his move! I just hope he acts on his obvious feelings. Molly’s confession should give him a confidence boost. Their difficulties in getting together next season will likely be more about how different they are. Can a billionaire make it work with a regular guy?

And as for Space for Everyone, the expansion isn’t looking too promising after the reveal of the cult of billionaires. It’s a ridiculous revelation, sure, but the characterization of billionaires is to show as absurd what’s happening in the real world. And Loot certainly pulls that off.

As a whole, this might not be a super impressive finale, especially as there wasn’t much setup for many of these storylines. But just like last season, I’ve stayed invested in these lovable, flawed characters. Even if their storylines sometimes seem thrown together, the charismatic cast makes the most of it, and I look forward to seeing more of them next season.

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