Loot – Season 2 Episode 8 “Grace” Recap & Review


In Loot Season 2 Episode 8, the Wells Foundation team brainstorms ways of getting more money to expand the “Space for Everyone” project. Sofia proposes a list of billionaires they could ask to give money, including Grace, an old friend of Molly’s who is newly divorced.

Molly and Sofia give Grace a visit, and she’s going through the same phase Molly went through after her divorce–numbing herself with alcohol, drugs, partying, and meaningless relationships. She agrees on the spot to give the foundation $11 billion, but Molly can tell she’s not in her right mind. Rather than accept the money, she tries to get through to Grace on a personal level.

While Molly spends time with Grace in Iceland, Sofia returns to work. But she can’t concentrate after seeing Arthur kiss Willa. Arthur accuses Sofia of shaming him for his sexuality, but when he sees her kissing Isaac, he understands. There are some things you just don’t want to see your coworker doing.

Meanwhile, Howard helps Nicholas learn Korean for an audition, but he goes too far when he suggests they go on a trip to Korea together. The whole process is disheartening for Nicholas, who feels like he’s not Korean enough. When Howard learns this, he stops rushing things for Nicholas and promises to just be there for him.

Molly struggles to get through to Grace until everyone leaves her party and she ceases her bender. She then shares her experiences following her divorce and how she discovered she could lead people and help make a better world.

Apparently, this moves Grace, as she later calls into the foundation with the pledge to give them all her money. When the word spreads, other billionaires want to contribute as well. Sofia has to hand it to Molly. She was right to be there for Grace.

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Though the comedy writing simply isn’t there for most of this episode, the plot of the season does progress in a significant and meaningful way.

Molly has found a more joyful life in helping others rather than spending her money on meaningless frills (not that she’s gotten completely past that). It’s lovely to see her take that lesson to heart and share it with someone else.

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