Loot – Season 1 Episode 3 “Hot Seat” Recap & Review

Hot Seat

Episode 3 of Loot begins with Molly watching her ex-husband’s interview on TV, in which John belittles Molly’s work at the Wells Foundation.

Molly wants to prove she has substance, so she’s agreed to do several tough interviews. Sofia panics, because Molly will be expected to answer difficult questions about the foundation. So, she decides to spend the day preparing Molly for her first interview tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Howard asks Nicholas for help in planning an anniversary date for his girlfriend, Tanya. Nicholas gives him some half-hearted advice. On his date, Howard again calls him for help, but Nicholas yells at him to delete his number.

Feeling bad about how he treated Howard, Nicholas later calls him back and gives him some heartfelt advice.

Later, Howard tells Nicholas that his advice worked. He gets him a gift and tells him they have “the strongest kind of friendship–a weird one.”

Molly goes through material on the foundation. Feeling well-prepared, she heads home. But Sofia meets her there. She doesn’t feel Molly is ready.

They study together, and Molly gives Sofia a tour. When Molly steps foot into John’s office for the first time since the divorce, she’s depressed by all the signs of his success.

When the time comes for the interview, Molly doesn’t show up. She tells Sofia she canceled the difficult interviews she signed up for. Instead, she’s doing a show called “Hot Ones,” where she gets to talk about her foundation and eat hot wings.

When she does the interview, the spice of the hot wings leads her to throw back several beers. She ends up getting drunk and making a fool of herself.

Molly is sure she screwed up and angered Sofia. But Sofia apologizes to her. She says the interview wasn’t her fault. In actuality, Molly was ready for the harder interviews, but Sofia’s distrust of her led her to cancel.

Molly disagrees. It was John who got in her head, not Sofia. The problem is that Molly is intimidated by her husband’s success.

Sofia assures her that John isn’t better than her, and he wouldn’t be where he is without her.

The episode ends with Molly sitting down for a serious interview, ready to talk about the housing shortage in LA.

The Episode Review

Sofia Salinas is quickly becoming a favorite character out of Loot’s talented cast. Michaela Jae Rodriguez has a great range for this show, and her reactions to Rudolph’s character are absolutely priceless.

It seems the complicated dynamic between Molly and Sofia may be blossoming into something of a friendship. Due to their interactions (and the unlikely pairing of friends in Nicholas and Howard), there’s a wholesome and amusing air to the episode overall. I’m looking forward to seeing more unlikely relationships develop among the Wells Foundation.

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