Loot – Season 1 Episode 2 “Bienvenidos a Miami” Recap & Review

Bienvenidos a Miami

Episode 2 of Loot begins with Molly leaving for her first day at work. The billionaire is quickly disillusioned by the reality of the workplace. When her friends invite her to a perfume launch party in Miami, she can’t wait to ditch the foundation.

So, Molly surprises her employees with a trip to Miami on her private plane, and she calls it a “bonding retreat.” However, they experience turbulence, and have to stop in Oklahoma City.

Sofia becomes angry with Molly for making them miss a work meeting. They then all learn that the trip was so Molly could attend a party, and not for them to have a work retreat. They all leave Molly and take another plane back home.

Molly meets up with her friends for dinner in Miami, but she takes note of their selfish actions. Back home, she interrupts a work meeting and sticks up for Sofia, promising to fully support Sofia’s vision for the charity foundation.

She then apologizes in front of all of her employees, inviting all of them to dinner the next day. There, she asks them about why they’re in this field of work.

Sofia says she and her family briefly went through a rough time where they had to sleep in their car. It was the day she discovered her calling. She knew she wanted to help others in similar situations.

Molly tells her she thought about leaving Sofia to do her job in peace (which Sofia would be absolutely okay with). But Molly decides she’s going to stay–all because Sofia and the foundation are having a positive effect on her.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of Loot highlights more of Molly’s selfish and insufferable qualities. The fact that she doesn’t display any growth by the end of the episode might have been forgivable and even funny if Loot placed more emphasis on its comedy and on poking more fun of Molly’s skewed perspective.

As it is, the show’s jokes maybe have a 50-50 shot of landing. The comedic writing can be delightful at times! But too often, Loot tries to utilize its goofy characters for laughs, and yet they often come across as only flat caricatures.

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