Loot – Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” Recap & Review


Episode 1 of Loot begins on protagonist Molly Novak’s birthday. Married to billionaire John Novak, Molly is greeted by an extravagant party. But the one gift she wants the most is a private dinner with her husband.

John assures his wife they’ll have dinner once he gets back from a couple of international business trips. Content to wait, Molly notices a spot on his tie and steps out of the party to get him a new one. In his room, she discovers his assistant Hailey, with whom John has been having an affair. Molly storms out, and–in front of the entire party–confronts John and demands a divorce.

Eight months later, the couple is divorced. And without a prenuptial agreement, Molly is now the world’s third richest woman.

She and her assistant Nicholas go on a months-long bender to help her cope with the separation.

But things change when Sofia Salinas, the executive director of Molly’s charity foundation (which she didn’t know existed), gives the newly minted billionaire a call. Apparently, Molly’s recent actions have been making the foundation’s job a lot more difficult.

Molly agrees to change her ways, but she ends up doing more than that. Hoping to fill a void in her life, she decides to attend a ribbon cutting for one of the foundation’s new shelters. But when she gives an offensive speech, Sofia asks her to find a different cause.

Molly refuses. Up until this point, her whole life has been committed to her husband. She wants to keep coming in to work at the organization and maybe find out who she is along the way.

The episode ends with Molly setting up her office and changing the name on the door from Molly Novak to Molly Wells.

The Episode Review

There are two sides to Apple TV’s new comedy series from Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard, and one is definitely more interesting than the other.

Maya Rudolph shines in her portrayal of a woman confronted with the upsetting reality of getting older and losing her husband to a younger woman. One side of Loot promises a compelling story of Molly’s journey to self-discovery.

But the other side of the story–a newly-made billionaire uses charity and the working class to make her feel better about herself? That may just prove to be a storyline more agonizing than entertaining.

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