Lookism – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


New Hyeong-Seok helps Deok-Hwa, a similar kid to the old version of himself, and encourages him to continue his singing. It breaks the stigma at their school and breaks boundaries, allowing the pair to turn into good friends.

Deok-Hwa meets the old Hyeong-Seok along with Jin-Ho. He finds kindship in them and they share their stories. They also talk about the amazing things the new Hyeong-Seok has done. Basco hears this though and realizes the truth of the new Hyeong-Seok.

Episode 8 starts off at the Jaewon Festival, with Hyeong-Seok nervously awaiting his position to perform. After practicing 24/7 in both bodies, he’s finally ready to show his stuff. Of course, in his new and improved body rather than the old Hyeong-Seok.

Park Jin-Ho is there too, bullied by his peers as per usual and forced to play as timekeeper to a big fight taking place between a couple of jocks. There’s also arm wrestling too, which Basco obviously excels at! He notices Hyeong-Seok out the corner of his eye hurry off to meet the girl who’s been really kind to the old Hyeong-Seok, Choi Su-Jeong.

We’ve seen Su-Jeong show up at the convenience store numerous times over the series, giving old Hyeong-Seok some kind words of encouragement. Here though, she immediately puts her defences up, likening the new Hyeong-Seok to every other kid in school.

Hyeong-Seok manages to defend himself from her makeshift bodyguard Jong-Geon but before he can hit the finishing blow, Basco shows and calls the new Hyeong-Seok his friend, sticking up for the guy.

Hyeong-Seok decides to fight too, encouraged by his kind words, but Su-Jeong stops it before things get too out of hand.

The day wears on and eventually the big performances take place. Hyeong-Seok and Deok-Hwa give it their all for their “Fly Up” song. The spotlights come down and there’s a massive crowd. Deok-Hwa immediately starts rapping, shocking everyone. As he delivers a perfect verse, Hyeong-Seok picks up at the chorus and the pair manage to give a great performance.

In fact, the pair absolutely kill it, sending the crowd into euphoric raptures. They all start cheering and Deok-hwa gets his plaudits… or does he? Afterwards, Deok-hwa is overlooked and Hyeong-Seok is given the business card from this music agent instead. Hyeong-Seok is offered a big advance and all the bells and whistles too, but he turns him down, unwilling to betray his friend. Hyeong-Seok is determined to do right by Deok-Hwa and stay by his friend’s side. Only, Deok-Hwa has already gone, heading on the bus home.

Bigshot DG, a big K-Pop star, ends up seeing the video as it goes viral online. Interestingly, Su-Jeong ends up hearing the song being performed and wonders how the old Hyeong-Seok ended up singing the same thing. Interestingly, as the camera pans down we see that she too has another plus-size version of her. What a twist!

As the episode closes out, Hyeong-Seok heads back home and drops off the pictures before we pan across the wall and see a whole bunch of other photographs, the last of which showing the two Hyeong-Seok’s together.

The Episode Review

Lookism comes to a close with a lovely final chapter, and one that solidifies Hyeong-Seok’s place with both the new and old version doing well to learn life lessons along the way. Seeing the old Hyeong-Seok with a couple of likeminded souls – Freshmans that have been through hell at school no less – is a really nice touch and their segment outside talking about their experiences is a definite highlight.

Likewise, Basco’s inclusion in this story has been really good and his influence has helped the old and new Hyeong-Seok develop to the next level, which is great to see.

The ending certainly leaves things open for the next season, especially if the show is renewed and the story follow Su-Jeong instead. There’s plenty of material there for the plot to follow her, with that reveal that Su-Jeong has also got a plus-size version at home opening up a world of possibilities for the next one. Let’s hope this one’s renewed!


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