Long Way Up – Apple TV+ Episode 7 Recap & Review


Long Way Up is back with episode 7 and this time we’re on a trip through the gorgeous terrain of Peru.

We begin in Copacabana with Ewan on the mend and heading up to Peru with Charley. Both of them are psyched to visit Machu Picchu but before then they check out a couple of intriguing sights along the way. With Inca Uyo and a Condor rehabilitation centre out the way, the pair head out early to discover Machu Picchu in all its glory.

8000 feet up, the pair marvel at the sight of this majestic ancient wonder. Considering they had to get up early to experience this, every second of the exhausting trek is worth it.

It’s foggy no doubt but a walking tour group from the other side of the mountain happen to be there. It’s distracting enough to look past the weather and the pair graciously snap photos with fans.

After reveling in the views and the incredible experience, the pair head off again toward the jungles of Ayacucho to meet some tribal people. On the way, they speak to an inspirational bike rider who wound up losing a leg in a traffic accident.

After rehab and getting back on the bike, this incredible man just keep riding. It’s a metaphor for life I guess, that we keep pedaling on after being knocked down numerous times.

Anyway, the pair hop on a helicopter with the intention of descending to Cutivereni village. There, they’re welcomed into the tribe, who are helping with a carbon mitigation project known as Cool Earth.

Next on the bucket list is the coastal town of Ica, where the pair have a dizzying plane ride. Eventually they’re back on solid ground again and the duo head up toward Ecuador. One final stop on the way sees them stop momentarily to check on the excellent work Unicef are doing. In particular, the way they’re supporting children and families on the run from Venezuela.

Back on the road, the pair happen upon a precarious part of the map labeled Darien Gap. This 100 mile gulf between the two countries can only be crossed by boat or plane. The former appears to be the best option but we’ll have to wait and see what option they choose for now.

The Episode Review

Much like the previous episode, Long Way Up continues to deliver the goods and revel in the sights of South America. With no biking woes or electric problems, the series is settling down nicely now and showcasing some great views along the way.

The unpredictable weather at Machu Pichu and the rest of Peru is a nice contrast to the sun kissed salt flats last time which is nice. Still, with central America still to come who knows what adventures await these two.

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  1. I could see it yesterday when Apple TV broadcast the show. Very exciting the Machu Picchu and Nazca lines trip, since they hardly have much time, they managed to visit the mountains, the jungle and the coast. Very nice roads in Perú, excellent idea, I will also soon encourage myself to do the route north.

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