Long Way Up – Apple TV+ Episode 10 Recap & Review

Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala & Mexico

We’re back on the road for episode 10 of Long Way Up. We begin in Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica, where Ewan gets to spend time with his daughter Jamyan.

With her in tow, Ewan and Charley visit the most active volcano in Nicaragua; molten lava bubbling inside. It’s an incredible experience and one that sees them head deep into the colourful and vibrant Granada, complete with a linty of must-see sights.

While Jamyan joins the crew in their car, Charley and Ewan continue to cycle up through the country to Honduras. Their next destination is the town of Choloma, where a UNICEF centre happens to be. The purpose of this centre is to inform youngsters about the danger of gang activity.

When they leave, Honduras paves way for Guatamala. Things do slow down slightly though as the group decide to camp for the night alongside a gorgeous lake. Overnight the bikes charge to 100%, eventually leading to them discussing the dangers they could face on the roads ahead – especially in Guatamala and Mexico.

With driving at night out the question, an alternate could be a night bus to charge the bikes up so they can still make the distance and get across the country quickly.

Although it is a little crazy, the pair fully embrace this idea as they approach the border crossing. When they do, Ewan says goodbye to Jamyan and heads back on the road again.

It’s a dangerous country no doubt and they arrive right on the back of a Mexican actor going missing. The pair are undoubtedly nervous but the producers try to maintain a positive attitude, determined to go in with an open mind.

The pair arrive at Oaxaca in Mexico to buy a bus – needing crucial parts to fix it first before they can get moving. While they search for parts, Charley and Ewan head down to Chahuites, a town that’s outside the tourist traps intending to try some authentic Mexican food and experience some local hot-spots.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew continue to try and get the bus up and running so they can get back on the road. Gang activity is a very real problem here and as the bus ride looks to be a done deal, the group are left to cross their fingers and hope for the best.

The Episode Review

With an exciting episode full of different countries to marvel at, the ending with Mexico hints that this country could well be the most dangerous of all. The cartel is obviously well known and the entire tone of the episode hinges on that uneasy tension that makes for a surprisingly compelling watch.

The ending certainly leaves the door wide open for that finale where the boys take their final step up to L.A.

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