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Lonely The Brave – What We Do To Feel | Album Review

Track Listing

The Long Way 
The Lens 
Our Sketch Out 
Colour Me Sad 
The Ramp 
In The Well 

The band Lonely The Brave show their emotions here without them becoming overblown. Their record What We Do To Feel is a rock album that has a riveting plot-line, a story where all hope seems to be lost and then found again. The band has certainly worked hard on their delivery, their lyrics and their sound, while not sabotaging what they have already got – resilience!

This record will make the listener feel immersed in a poignant storyline. The songs have all got that melodic value, while the choruses build up in atmosphere. These choruses work, and they’re never lost in the rush of guitar or the burst of percussion.  

Breaking hearts isn’t on the band’s agenda, but the lyrics have the power to do so. They have been utilised not just sparingly, but have been instilled to create impact. There are 10 songs on the record.

‘Our Sketch Out’ doesn’t blast open, but it comes in with fluency until the chorus enables those wonderful guitar lines to offer their sound in full bloom. It’s a true highlight this track and it fully shows the band’s talent.  

‘Colour Me Sad’ opens with emotion at full pelt, though it’s a subtle embrace until the chorus naturally flourishes. The emotion is found in those enthralling vocals. Again, Lonely The Brave is bold here.  

‘Unseen’ describes a drunken scene, full of emotion and hopelessness. The chorus breaks through at the right time, offering some loud progression. The instrumentals are out in full force.  

Lonely The Brave deliver a record that is breathtaking at times, evoking the emotional rush that is running through their bodies.  

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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