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Marvel’s quality has been declining since Endgame. Even that film had its issues but now, 4 years later, it’s evident that the MCU is struggling. Nowhere else is that more obvious than with its TV offerings. Hawkeye barely moved the needle, She-Hulk managed to piss off a lot of people, while nobody bothered to watch Ms Marvel. At least, not a sizable enough audience to warrant it hitting the top 10 viewing charts during its run.

By comparison though, Loki season 1 was the most-watched TV series the MCU has put out. Pulling in decent numbers, with good engagement across the board, Loki married a twisty-turny story, complete with plenty of drama, with lots of action and surprises across its tight run-time. It did well for the most part to keep things engaging, leading up to the big reveal of Marvel’s next big bad – Kang the Conqueror.

Fast forward to season 2 and it’s fair to say Loki is a mess. Not just from a metaphysical perspective, but also as a TV series and offering. The urgency this time is gone. The story is perplexingly convoluted (and not in a good way), while the narrative essentially devolves to a series of fetch quests that mean very little to the grand narrative.

The biggest problem with this series comes from the scale of everything. On the one hand, we’ve got the fate of trillions upon trillions of people through branching timelines and the threat of all those being pruned by malfunctioning systems within the TVA. On the other hand, we’ve got an abundance of walking and talking through claustrophobic hallways, and being told about the deaths of trillions while watching a TV monitor of lines being erased. Remember that age old adage of show don’t tell? Loki season 2 fails that in every single episode.

In terms of story, Loki season 2 is a difficult one to comprehend as it over-complicates matters on purpose to stop you from questioning what’s happening. In essence though, Loki begins the season jumping between various timelines and unable to stop himself.

Loki goes in search of Sylvie to save her from one of the branched timelines, but in doing so, there are issues back at the TVA. The Temporal Loom has malfunctioned and it’s up to a hidden genius engineer called OB to concoct a plan to try and stop it from destroying everything. The only solution is to bring in one of Kang’s variants, Victor Timely, to try and fix this Temporal Loom and save humanity.

There’s also branching subplots involving Renslayer and Miss Minutes, who hop back to the past to cause some mischief with Timely, while there’s a threat of usurping within the TVA management ranks too. There’s a lot going on but in reality, it’s all busywork designed to keep you watching rather than entertained.

The scale is much bigger this time in terms of threat, but the lack of clear explanation for what’s going on, along with a focus away from our titular character, only damages the entertainment value. It’s also annoying because the show doesn’t even stay consistent with its own ideas and themes.

Sylvie in particular is a hot mess of a character, with flip-flopping ideologies that don’t even address the big elephant in the room – Sylvie is responsible for everything happening here. After killing He Who Remains during the season 1 finale, she was warned that any consequences would be on her hands.

Alas, season 2 could have explored her character’s shock and guilt over the deteriorating state of the multiverse It could have grown her character in interesting ways, begging Loki and the others for help, gaining humility, and becoming a decent sidekick to the God of Mischief. Instead, we get scenes of Mobius and Loki sitting around eating key lime pie in a diner, talking about their feelings while Sylvie adopts a holier than thou attitude about how it’s their fault this is happening.

It’s incredibly frustrating to watch, and even more so when there’s no lasting consequences for character actions – on both sides of the fence. The show spends 2 episodes building up Victor Timely only to waste his character completely, while Renslayer is used to undermine Kang’s threat before similarly fading into obscurity.

The dialogue is poor and Tom Hiddleston is wasted. That’s incredibly frustrating because there are some talented actors in this production but they’re wasted here. You’re only as strong as your writing – and that’s been Marvel’s big sticking point for years now. Loki season 2 is best pruned from the timeline completely. Stick with season 1 and ignore this.

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  • Verdict - 3.5/10

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  1. The whole multiverse storyline would have been better off never being told,it’s a confusing and complete mess. It doesn’t matter that you can bring back characters that are long gone,or integrate Fox characters into the Marvel timeline if it’s at the expense of logic and common sense. Marvel should go back to its roots,go back to the classic characters and storylines that made it great. Until then I’m done with the multiverse.

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