Lockwood & Co. – Season 1 Episode 7 “Mesmerised” Recap & Review

The Breaking Point

Episode 7 of Lockwood & Co begins with George walking by the banks of the Thames, carrying a heavy bag full of supplies. He looks around him and then moves on.

Lucy and Lockwood are in a cab, on the way from the Fittes party. They make sure they aren’t being followed and then discuss Penelope probably knowing about their break-in in the library. She tells Lockwood she saw a box with a harp symbol on it, the same as the one of Fairfax’s goggles, but he doesn’t know what to make of it. He says it’s time to finish the business with the mirror.

Flo Bones accosts George and pulls him into the shadows. She says Winkman’s men could be anywhere. After Lucy and Lockwood arrive, she takes all of them to a spot near the warehouse by boat. She tells them to enter the warehouse through a hatch that leads to the basement, which she left open for them. But someone needs to stay behind to help her with the boat. Lucy suggests drawing straws but George admits that it has to be him, even though he’s not happy about it.

Lucy and Lockwood reach the hatch and enter the basement. They arm themselves with flares and rapiers but soon hear noises of people approaching. A group of men put large barrels in the room. One of them stays behind as the rest leave. He exposes Lockwood and Lucy and reveals himself to be an undercover DEPRAC agent. He tells them to leave or all of them will end up dead. He even brings up his wife and daughter whom he hasn’t seen for five months. He arranges an exit for them and leaves. Lucy is standing by the exit but Lockwood doesn’t move, he says he has to see it through. Torn between the exit and Lockwood, Lucy chooses him.

Back in the basement, Lucy argues with Lockwood about all his reckless decisions. He accuses him of lying to himself and not admitting how things are out of control and only cares about winning. Lockwood says that he has to because there’s no one else to pick up the pieces. And if he hides things from the others, it’s for their protection. Lucy claims he made her feel like they could be a family but she doesn’t actually know if he cares at all. Lockwood says everything ends in the end and when he leaves he doesn’t want to leave behind broken-hearted people. Lucy says it’s too late for that. Lockwood tells her to put a hood on and to leave anything she has to say for later.

Meanwhile, George and Flo are on the boat surrounded by water and mist on the Thames. She talks about having another appointment at Greenwich but George insists they stay near the warehouse. When Flo spots something moving, George freaks out but Flo guarantees his safety with her.

Lucy and Lockwood enter the auction dressed in hoods, like the others in the audience. Winkman is on the stage, auctioning off products. The audience insists on seeing the bone glass. He brings it out, with the actual mirror covered. Lockwood gives Lucy some flares and moves to the front.

George feels like the boat has lost its original position. He asks Flo if her life gets lonely but she likes the solitude. She sees a heron and talks about how beautiful they are, then reveals to George that they’ve drifted and should move back.

Someone at the auction bids 500 thousand dollars for the mirror. Lockwood counteracts. It goes on till Winkman asks both parties to come up and prove their means to pay. Lockwood ends up being recognised as an agent and they pull his hood off. Meanwhile, it takes a few tries, but Lucy lights a flare and lobs it towards the stage. Lockwood grabs the mirror out of the wreckage and they leg it.

When Winkman corners them, Lockwood takes the rapier from Lucy but is unsure of himself. He looks at the undercover agent, giving him away. The agent helps them escape but ends up getting killed by the others. Lucy drags Lockwood into an elevator but struggles to breathe. Lucy keeps their chasers away by throwing active ghost sources at them. Lockwood has a panic attack about the agent’s death but Lucy gets him to pull himself together.

George hears the buzzing sound of the bone glass. Flo wonders if he’s a little too obsessed with the bone glass. He calls her out on the obvious signs of her ghost trauma but she makes him realise something is wrong with him. He realises that she sabotaged him and took him further from the location on purpose. They get a radio call from Lucy and the two of them decide that George is strong enough to go back and help his friends.

Lucy and Lockwood get to the top floor where they are accosted by the man from the Fittes party, the one with the golden blade. He seems to know exactly who they are and reveals that he had already snitched to Winkman about the undercover agent. They fight him until Lucy finally knocks him down with a wooden beam.

They go to the building roof and radio George, telling him they’re going to throw the mirror down in the water. The Golden Blade chases them on the roof but Lockwood holds him off while Lucy throws the mirror into Flo’s waiting net. When the man refuses to let them go, they get on the edge and jump off the roof.

Flo takes George all the way to DEPRAC’s headquarters. She asks him if he’d like to see more herons with her and throw the mirror into the water instead. He says he has to stick to the plan and leaves. He goes inside DEPRAC and almost immediately comes out to call after her, but she’s gone.

Lucy and Lockwood drag themselves out of the water. Lockwood pulls them both upright but Lucy pushes him and walks away.

The buzzing sound takes over George. He goes to a phone booth and calls someone, saying that he has the mirror.

The Episode Review

This episode had some great bits and some not-so-great. The former includes the general handling of Winkman’s auction. It was thrilling and kept me on my toes. The action sequence between the Golden Blade man, Lucy and Lockwood, has to be one of the best of the season. The yellow lighting, the smooth editing and the actors’ sleek movements all made it a satisfying spectacle to watch.

The not-so-great bits include the segments with Flo and George. They’ve tried to build a connection but the writing is awkward leading to a weak impact. But more importantly, the category also includes the undercover DEPRAC agent and the fact that they went into this, blind. Here’s the thing about Book Lockwood. He always has a plan. And the charm of the book is its cleverness, the way Lockwood is competent and thinks of everything beforehand. Netflix’s Lockwood going into this highly dangerous event totally blind doesn’t fit in with his character. What’s even more uncharacteristic? Lockwood letting someone else take the fall for him. That would never happen. He does have flaws, just not this one. Besides, the entire segment with the undercover agent is hurried and seems unnecessarily hurtful.

Everything with Lockwood’s panic attack and breaking confidence was great. The fight with Lucy? Well done. But I don’t think they needed to kill a random police officer to warrant these vulnerable sides of him. Of course, Chapman has given a brilliantly realistic performance during these scenes and that’s worth mentioning.

Apart from that, an intriguing episode all around!

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  1. I really hated how quickly they brushed the agent’s death under the rug. At no point do they reflect that their dangerous escapades got someone killed and that man will never see his daughter or wife again. The fact that winkman said in front of them that he will hunt down this agent’s family and kill them because he chose to expose himself to help them….

    Their guilt, their sense of responsibility….all swept under the rug.

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