Locke & Key Season 2 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 10 of Locke and Key Season 2 begins this finale back at Keyhouse as Bode and Kinsey greet their mother. However, Mutuku is there and given he’s under control from Gabe, threatens the kids and tells Kinsey she needs to make her choice soon.

When he leaves, Tyler rings and struggles to get his words out. With the Alpha Key a dud, Ty tells his sister about Jackie and struggles to control his emotions. Ty wants to go over and confront Gabe but Kinsey knows this is a bad idea. Instead, she tells him that she’s the one who can stop this, once and for all.

Back in his office, Josh decides to do away with chasing Gideon, realizing it’s a lost cause. Now, given he doesn’t actually remember anything at the sea cave, Eden loses her patience and blackmails him, telling Josh he needs to bring her the Omega Key or she’ll tell the administrative board that they’ve been seeing each other in private.

Gabe’s plan involves the kids following Mutuku and killing Nina Locke. While he briefs this out, he’s distracted by Kinsey showing up to talk. With Kinsey talking to him out on the balcony, all the cronies watching too, Tyler sneaks in the front with Duncan and Scot. The place is completely unmanned, and it’s enough time for Kinsey to jump off the cliff… and suddenly use a key of her own to fly away.

While Gabe and Kinsey wrestle over the gold crown, the trio head down to the vault. However, Mutuku and the other possessed kids show. Just before they strike, Gabe rocks up but uses the Identity Key to turn back into Dodge again. However, because Duncan actually made the Demon Key (the one Dodge has used to control them all) the kids take to Duncan’s commands rather than Dodge’s. Oh, that was easier than we thought!

Dodge soon turns the tables though and chains up Kinsey, with the girl gasping for air. Scot shows up behind her though and uses the Alpha¬† Key, knocking her down to the ground. Given Dodge earlier used the Vine Key to take out the kids (and the house’s foundations) the whole building falls into the water before she can retaliate.

Thankfully Kinsey manages to fly away with the others, dropping them off to safety at the cliff’s edge. Lucas also appears out the rubble, as Duncan deduces that the Alpha Key must have separated him from Dodge. He apologizes for his involvement in all this, as the family gather together and head back home.

Over at Keyhouse, Dodge shows up but she claims to be Ellie. With the Identity Key in hand, Bode hands it to Ellie who transforms back into her true form.

Now, one of the people who didn’t make it is Gabe. A week passes and tributes are left around town. Eden is obviously still possessed and she stands outside his room, deciding to pick up where he left off. And finding the Echo Key he stashed in the light switch, she intends to do just that.

Tyler meanwhile has decided to leave. Given what’s happened with Jackie and all the memories swimming around Keyhouse, he needs a fresh start; a normal life. Duncan gives him the keys to the car he’s been working on. Tyler also patches up his differences with Nina too, telling his mum he knows how she’s feeling over their loss. Goodbyes are tough, especially for Kinsey and Bode who watch as he leaves tear-eyed.

Ellie meanwhile, arrives to see Rufus who’s shocked that she’s back. Scot and Kinsey patch up their differences too, with birthday celebrations and the pair kissing for good measure.

Bode decides to give Nina a gift – the Head Key. After all this time, he decides to bring her in on what’s really been happening and encourages her to use the Key on her neck.

Nina steps through the door nearby which happens to be a store full of all her favourite things, including memories of Rendell. It’s a beautiful thing for Bode to do for Nina, as she relives flashes of Rendell finding out that she’s pregnant. And to make sure she doesn’t forget anything again, Bode uses the Memory Key to make sure it’s permanent.

How does Locke and Key Season 2 end?

As the episode – and season- closes out, Eden uses the Echo Key and appears at the well. She whispers “Captain Gideon” and wouldn’t you know it, Gideon steps out the shadows. Apparently he’s just an echo and can’t cross the threshold. At least for now.

As Eden is the one who freed him, he needs to follow her orders. And with the Anywhere Key in hand, he tells Gideon to head back to the portal and open it for her. Only, he grabs Eden, throws her down the well and takes off with the Anywhere Key for himself. Oh no…

The Episode Review

So Locke and Key bows out its second season with an end to this Gabe saga and a suitably dramatic stand-off at the cliff house. I warned that coastal erosion would be a problem for the kids in earlier recaps, but it appears the Vine Key does the trick, knocking the entire building into the water below.

However, the use of the different keys is a nice way to round out the season and given this has already been renewed for season 3, it’s no surprise that we get the cliffhanger that we do. It’s a bit of a shame that Josh ended up being completely useless, especially after the tease that he’d be a lot more involved in the main story. Then again, there’s always season 3.

With Tyler presumably gone now and the rest of the kids receiving their happy(ish) endings by the time the credits roll, it’s safe to assume that Gideon is going to change all of that next season.

Either way, this has been a pretty good follow-up, but boy has it taken its time to get to the good stuff! The first half of this season in particular has been pretty slow but thankfully an action-packed final 4 episodes have helped get things back on track.

Whether season 3 can trump both these seasons and ascend to higher heights is anyone’s guess but for now, fans should enjoy what’s here.

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