Locke & Key – Season 2 Episode 4 “Forget Me Not” Recap & Review

Forget Me Not

Episode 4 of Locke and Key Season 2 begins back in Keyhouse with Duncan reliving his memories. They’re fractured and it seems as if it could well be linked with the Ghost Key – or even the Anywhere Key. He’s fractured and erratic, unsure how he found the Anywhere key after showing the gang. Now, we know he took this from Kinsey’s dresser after Eden left it behind.

Erin deduces that they need to get their hands on the Memory Key to help Duncan declutter his memories.  According to her, Rendell hid this in the past but quite where is anyone’s guess. For now, they decide to bide their time and see if anything comes up.

At school, Tyler goes all-out for Jackie, decorating her locker and using the Anywhere Key to send her across to Bath in England. With the pair gone, things go swimmingly… until Jackie has another memory loss episode and panics. Scared, she pleads with Tyler to send them back, which he begrudgingly does.

Gabe shows up at Keyhouse and manages to convince Bode to let him use the Ghost Key again. Oh Bode…

It turns out Chamberlin actually tricked Gabe, given the explosion at the cabin last episode, and after wasting the last piece of the Whispering Iron, Chamberlin tells him he’s got no chance of making the key now. After all, he’s not one of the Locke’s.

Duncan meanwhile, continues to struggle with his memories. It appears as if something sinister is linked with the old shed out in the garden – including a feeling of sadness. It turns out Rendell actually killed Lucas but the context of this isn’t clear and he heads upstairs to lie down instead.

At the dorm party later that night, Kinsey catches up with Gabe. Things are tense between them, until Gabe overhears Josh talking to a trio of boys about the town’s history. He mentions a Captain Frederick Gideon exploring and stumbling across a strange piece of rock in a sea cave. Remember the opening scene of episode 1? Yep, it’s another piece of Whispering Iron.

Gabe immediately perks up and decides to steal it later on. Kinsey also perks up, specifically when she learns Scot didn’t get the film spot and is staying in town.

Back at Keyhouse, Erin realizes she needs to explore her own memories to find the Memory Key, understanding that this links back to her own past. Disappointingly, we don’t actually see this though, given she explores off-screen, and returns with a tablet featuring home videos of Rendell showing up at Matheson Academy. Could this be a clue?

The Episode Review

Locke and Key returns with another slow-paced episode that drip-feeds bits of the overarching story involving Captain Gideon. Beyond that and this subplot to help restore Duncan’s memory, there’s really not a lot else going on here.

Sure, there’s some development with the Ghost Key and Gabe/Eden’s diabolical plan appears to be linked with making a new key but beyond that this chapter is more interested in the teen romances than the history and allure of the house.

Having said that though, the Erin and Duncan angle is actually quite good and have enough tension to make things interesting. Let’s hope this is developed further in the season.

For now though, Locke and Key approaches its midway point with an okay episode – let’s hope the upcoming chapters improve!

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