Locke & Key – Season 2 Episode 1 “The Premiere” Recap & Review

The Premiere

Episode 1 of Locke and Key Season 2 begins in Massachusetts 1775. Three British soldiers creep through a set of caves, uncovering a strange doorway. Realizing they’ve been spotted, the trio decide to make their last stand.

While fighting with enemy troops, one of the soldiers ends up possessed and after several gunshots, tumbles through the strange portal. These strange lead bullets eventually pave way for the Captain to get involved, allowing the darkness within the portal to infect him.

Cut forward to the present, Gabe and Eden are on the hunt for these lead pieces, which just so happen to be called Whispering Iron. They happen to be in the same sea cave that the soldiers in 1775 were at, but when two guards show up, Eden and Gabe use their powers to thwart the threat they pose.

It soon becomes apparent that these rock pieces seem to hold the secret to dark magic, especially when Gabe takes a blowtorch to it and melts it down. Needing a place to work, the pair use the Anywhere Key to make it to a cabin in the middle of the woods. Gabe is quick to remind his subordinate that she needs to follow his lead.

Over at Keyhouse, the kids continue to use the various keys dotted around the house. For Bode, he uses the Hercules key, able to move a whole couch on his own. Kinsley is busy working on her movie, The Splattering, (still unsuspecting of Gabe of course) while Tyler continues to spend time with Jackie.

Nina though, finds out from Daniel that there’s still no word over Ellie and it’s looking more and more likely that she’s dead. Bode though, is not ready to give up.

Before we find out more about the keys, Kinsey’s movie premiere goes ahead. Gabe slips back into his role of loving boyfriend but Eden causes no end of problems. Heading out for some refreshments, she quite literally bites the face off the cashier.

Gabe senses something amiss and heads off to check, seeing blood staining the floor. Naturally, the pair work together to drag his corpse across the floor and into one of the nearby rooms. Nina, having just spilled her drink, heads out into the corridor and notices what’s happening. When Gabe show up out the toilets, he feigns ignorance.

After the movie premiere, Kinsey’s ongoing romantic woes continue to dominate large parts of this episode. She’s torn between her feelings for Scot and devotion for Gabe. Can anyone else sense a love triangle coming on?

As the episode closes out, Gabe and Eden work with the lead at their remote cabin. They mold it into another key with a sinister-looking skull on the end. But what does it do?

The Episode Review

Locke and Key is back and much like the first season, the opening chapter eases us back into Keyhouse and the Locke family happenings. Kinsey and Tyler are both wrapped up in their own teen romances, leaving it to Bode and Nina to bring the focus back to the keys and their purpose.

However, it seems as if Gabe and Eden have a plan of their own, especially when we see at the end that they’ve crafted their own skull key. This certainly looks like an ominous sign for the future and quite what’s in store for our characters next remains a mystery.

For now, the show dips back in with a tepid first chapter, one that looks set to turn up the heat across the season to come.

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