Locke and Key – Season 3 Episode 5 “Siege” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Locke and Key Season 3 starts with Nina asking Bode how Dodge’s body ended up under his bed. Bode throws some blatant lies about the Timeshift Key… and Nina seems to buy it. However, she remains suspicious over how her son ended up with a dead body under his bed.

Meanwhile, Kinsey speaks to Tyler who remembers everything now. He doesn’t regret getting his memories back, admitting to her that he needs to understand and embrace the pain he’s been feeling to work through it, rather than just forgetting it all.

Nina brings her concerns to Kinsey and Tyler, telling them that Bode is acting weird and there’s something off with him. Even worse, there appears to be something up with the grandfather clock. The sand is still slipping away, so they contact Duncan and ask him for help instead. Unfortunately, they can’t get through.

While this is going on, Rufus comes clean to Ellie about exactly what’s happening with Bode, including how he knows things about Dodge that he shouldn’t Ellie tries ringing Nina but Bode gets to the phone first and switches it off before his cover is blown.

Back upstairs, Tyler checks Dodge’s body and realizes she’s not rotting. Deducing that this is similar to the Ghost Key, he finally understands that Bode is not himself anymore. Well done guys!

The Locke’s eventually capture Bode/Dodge, who tells them all they need to work together. He needs the Alpha Key to stop Gideon, who’s about to break down the barriers between worlds. Given Gideon has the Plant Key too, he blocks off the doors outside with thick vines. True to his promise earlier in the episode, Gideon is ready to start his assault.

Despite everyone working together, the entire plan goes awry when Gideon and his cronies systematically grab each of the keys across the house.

Bode/Dodge convinces Kinsey to hand over the Angel Key. Unfortunately, Gideon uses this as target practice and knocks him out the sky. After shooting him down, Dodge saves his own skin and points out all the keys are in the basement. Nina, Kinsey and Tyler also reveal this too, agreeing to cooperate. Gideon senses a trap and decides to let Bode go only after opening the chest.

In the middle of all this drama, Kinsey ends up receiving a voicemail from Duncan. Apparently the hourglass is a fail-safe. Anything brought into our time that isn’t supposed to be there vanishes when the sand runs out as if it was never there before.

But does that mean their memories are also wiped too? It’s unclear, but this seems to be what they’re hinting at. But then paradoxically, if Bode was never in this timeline possessed by Gideon then wouldn’t that mean everything up to this point would reverse and go back to that pivotal moment by the grandfather clock when Bode jumped back in time? Or maybe I should just stop reading into this too much. Anyway, I digress.

Back in Locke House, Gideon gets his hands on every single key and prepares to open the portal. As the ground starts to swirl and open, the Locke’s rush away from the house.

The Episode Review

So Gideon prepares his final conflict, and with that comes the promise of plenty of drama on the horizon. It’s clear that Gideon’s plan is going to cause a lot of chaos but could it also be reversed by the hourglass running out and time reversing?

That seems to be my line of thinking at this point, but the time travel rules have been hazy in this season, at best. Our characters do also finally realize that Bode is actually Dodge but not before Dodge has to spell it out and tell them.

It’s been a painful ride to see our characters catch up at this point, with our protagonists dumbfounded and wondering what’s up with the kid. I mean, if Rufus could figure it out, why can’t the others?

Anyway, with Tyler now back and the family in precarious waters as a result of Gideon’s plan, everything is left wide open for the final 3 episodes.

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