Living With Yourself – Season 1 Episode 8 (The Finale) Recap & Review


A Bombshell Reveal

The Season 1 finale of Living With Yourself begins with old Miles taken and arrested by the authorities. It turns out the ones who have taken him heard the original message about the cloning when he and new Miles confronted the spa. Hooked up to a polygraph, the two agents try to work out if he’s a clone or not. Finding nothing, he’s let go from the station and receives a call from the fertility centre where it turns out there’s nothing wrong with him and he’s actually able to have children.

When he gets home, he talks to Kate and apologizes for everything. After a dance number together, she tells Miles about her business trip and taking new Miles there with her. This sends old Miles completely off the rails and he snaps, grabbing an axe from the garage and heading out. It’s one step too far for him and after running over the pig carcass, he phones new Miles and tells him he’s on his way over. Creeping around his apartment with an axe, we cut back 24 hours earlier to new Miles.

It turns out he was upstairs the entire time that old Miles and Kate were dancing. After sneaking out and heading back home, he looks set to commit suicide and shoot himself but hesitates pulling the trigger. After several fruitless attempts, we catch up with present time as old Miles grabs the gun and looks set to shoot new Miles. As they fight, they turn their rage against the table and smash it to pieces.

Breathing heavily, the two continue wrestling until Old Miles chokes out the clone. On the verge of death, he realizes what he’s doing and resuscitates the clone. As they lie together, panting and breathing heavily, new Miles begins crying as he reveals the truth about how envious he was of old Miles’ life. Apologizing, they both embrace and decide they want to make amends and become better versions of themselves.

Kate arrives soon after and apologizes to the two versions of Miles and tells them it’s been a monumentally confusing time for her. It turns out Kate is pregnant. As the two versions of Miles hug Kate and congratulate her, everything is left wide open with one big question hanging over the series – which Miles does the child belongs to?

Out of all the episodes of the series, this is the one that finally explores the morality of the situation between the two Miles. Seeing the contrasting happiness and depression between the two versions of Miles and the prospect of suicide on the table is an interesting notion and although it’s not explored in that much detail, there’s enough here to make for a thought provoking moment of drama nonetheless.

Whether Netflix will renew this one for a second season or not remains to be seen but for now, there’s enough here to make Living With Yourself an enjoyable series, one well worth a watch.


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  1. It surprises me that so few people have noticed that the timing doesn’t work for this plot twist. It doesn’t even seem to be a week since Kate slept with New Miles, and at the very earliest it would take two weeks to detect pregnancy. Seems that the show usually took care with its timeline (frequently highlighting it) but when it comes to basic human biology, either the writers were unaware or felt comfortable their viewership would be unaware enough to take the twist at face value.

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