Living With Yourself – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Shared Lives

Episode 3 of Living With Yourself begins with old Miles moments after he parts ways with New Miles. Struggling to adjust, he speaks to Kate about the dry cleaning and realizes New Miles was the one she rung. As he rings the number, he notices him outside and they head off to the diner together in secret. Reluctantly, old Miles asks him for help and the two agree to work together. While Miles works on his play at home, New Miles heads off to work.

This routine continues for several days too as Old Miles begins to spiral, drinking too much while New Miles continues to prosper. While Old Miles hides upstairs, he watches as New Miles takes control of the party, ending with him and Kate heading upstairs and getting intimate. Switching places at the last minute, Miles sneaks in as things get hot and heavy.

The next day, Miles heads out and sees his sister who admits New Miles has been round and they hang out together. With renewed purpose, Old Miles heads home and sees that the New Miles has changed the play. Furious, he tells him he’s going to take the pitch at work as New Miles is drunk on power. At the meeting, a nervous Miles just about manages to make his way through the pitch and it’s enough to sway the opinion in his favour. Afterward he speaks privately to the owner who tells him he knows he stole the idea but gives him some words of wisdom – sell the concept and believe in it.

As he makes his way to the celebratory dinner, he realizes New Miles has got there first and is currently weaving his stories, much to the delight of his co-workers and Kate. Angry and sopping wet from the rain outside, Old Miles steps up to the table and finishes the story for him as everyone watches in horror. Now everyone knows there are two Miles.

With a cliffhanger ending and some decent plot development this time around, Living With Yourself does well to keep things interesting as the two Miles try in vain to make their agreement work. There’s plenty of questions left hanging over this one too and the big reveal at the end should be enough to keep you watching through to the next episode.


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