Living With Yourself – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Two Men, One Life

Episode 2 of Living With Yourself begins with Miles awakening after being under anesthetic and this version of him happens to be the clone. He’s loving life and after being given instructions from the Koreans around what not to do, he heads home. Only, he stops partway and runs through the cornfields before collecting up some organic fruit from the local farmer, Ray.

Invigorated, new Miles makes it back to the office where he takes control of the meeting and comes up with a new proposal, treading on Dan’s toes with his virtual reality idea. His idea revolves around Neighbours and Friends, playing on the ideals of a more connected world. Back home, Miles makes dinner and after eating together with Kate, it’s here we find out they’ve been fighting for months. After using the toilet, and seeing his rainbow urine, we catch up with the end of the last episode with the two Miles discussing matters with the Koreans.

After learning the truth, they make it to the diner where Miles and New Miles discuss what to do next. After some deliberation, they head back to the parlor with renewed clarity. They manage to get back their $50,000 plus another $10,000 and decide to go their separate ways. New Miles heads off travelling the world…until Kate rings him and prompts Miles to change his mind and head home. As new Miles grabs the key hidden on the porch and prepares to enter the house, we leave things hanging in the balance.

With more character development and some nice back and forth moments between the two versions of Miles, Paul Rudd does a great job keeping things interesting with the two versions of himself. Seeing the more erratic old Miles contrasted by the self-assured, positive clone is a nice touch and he pulls off this balance beautifully. With plenty of questions left hanging over this one and more foundations set ready for the season to come, Living With Yourself certainly does enough to pique the interest and keep you coming back for more.


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