Living With Yourself – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Setting The Scene

Episode 1 of Living With Yourself begins with a screaming Miles pushing his way out of a hole in the ground. Peeling away a layer of clingfilm from his body, he screams to the heavens as we cut back 24 hours to find Miles in his office asking for more time to work on his project. Unimpressed, all eyes turn to Dan instead who takes control of the situation and piles more misery on our protagonist. Heading home, Miles gets into bed after hitting his head and contemplates following Dan’s advice and going to the spa.

In the morning Miles calls through to the spa and arranges a meeting. With $50,000 he arrives to a run down motel and, taking a gamble, heads in. As the camera rotates around him, he happens upon two Korean men sitting at the reception desk. The men talk to Miles about bad luck and tell him the spa will make him the best man he can be. Taken to a room, he’s tied down and put under anesthetic, which is where we catch up with ourselves at the start of the episode.

Dressed in nothing but a diaper, Miles charges through the streets until he makes his back home. Only, when he gets there he realizes someone is upstairs talking to his wife. That someone happens to be himself. As he and the new Miles talk, they drive off together despite Miles picking up a screwdriver and stashing it in his jacket.

Back at the spa, they learn they’ve been cloned which is why there’s two of them. Unfortunately as it’s a new experiment and something clearly went wrong, they’re offered a 10% discount but not much else. For now, they have to grapple with two of them sharing the same life.

As a season opener, Living With Yourself gets off to a pretty good, albeit uninspiring, start. Most of the episode is used to set the scene and aside from a couple of nice time jumps, there really isn’t a whole lot else here to get excited about. The prospect of two Paul Rudds running around is certainly an interesting one and with the groundwork now laid, the season looks set to kick into high gear from here.


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