Living with Him – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 8

Living with Him Episode 8 lands us back in Natsukawa’s bed where he’s not able to sleep. However, he’s suddenly rejuvenated hearing that Kazuto will return today. Cleaning, he finds a room rental flyer in Kazuto’s room, instantly worrying that he’s planning to move out.

From the street, Haruna spots Natsukawa hanging laundry and invites himself in. Asking if they’re dating yet, Haruna acknowledges his hobby is observing people. Natsukawa admits he’s figured out his feelings but he doesn’t want to submit Kazuto to being criticized for being with someone like him.

Interpreting, Haruna notes that Natsukawa can make his own choices, but it’s not up to him to decide Kazuto’s happiness and that he’s likely already thought everything through and decided to confess. As Natsukawa gets emotional, Haruna grabs his arm with some final advice. Just as Kazuto walks in.

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Kazuto instantly jumps to Natsukawa’s defence, even as Haruna calmly steps away so the two can talk privately. As Natsukawa tries to pull himself together, stumbling over his words and crying again, he shares his feelings. At first Kazuto is dumbfounded trying to understand but eventually takes him in his arms, squeezing him hard.

Then, Kazuto bursts into tears as well so Natsukawa kisses him. As temperatures cool, Natsukawa asks him not to move out, presenting the flyer he’d found. But it’s a misunderstanding. With another sweet kiss, they chuckle together.

At school, Eri runs to the guys to invite them to a festival, but they hesitate. As they depart, she consults with Haruna – she’s still interested in Kazuto but at the same time is happy to see Kazuto and Natsukawa together. Haruna welcomes her to the club.

At the thought of wearing Yukata, the guys decide to have their own little festival, Natsukawa cooking delights and Kazuto borrowing the costumes. As they light fireworks, Natsukawa’s family gush over the picture of them.

The next morning in bed, the two hold hands and Kazuto tells him he loves him, hearing ditto as a reply. As they prepare breakfast, the two agree in voiceover that these moments are precious.


Ending Explained

Why does Natsukawa consider not returning Kazuto’s feelings even though he likes him?

In short, Natsukawa worries about how society will view Kazuto – which is piled up on top of his own self-esteem issues. It’s the ever-sharp Haruna that points out both things to Natsukawa as well as clarifies that only Kazuto can decide what makes him happy.

Does Natsukawa get over his worries?

Rather than getting over them, I think he decides to put them aside. Hopefully with enough encouragement and affection from Kazuto he can eventually leave them behind. Kazuto is a pretty believable guy.

When does Kazuto fall in love with Natsukawa?

It seems as though Kazuto had feelings for Natsukawa almost from middle school but he realizes it when he spots him at the store in high school.

In Episode 3, Kazuto says he wasn’t planning on confessing ever. Why does he?

Between the proximity, the conversation about girlfriends and the hug at the end of Episode 3, Kazuto can’t contain himself. So, he confesses not expecting a positive return but at least cooling down the questioning and giving himself a little relief.

Who does Haruna like?

Perceptive Haruna seems to have known all along that he wouldn’t have a chance to get between these two and that Kazuto has probably had the feels for Natsukawa for a long time. While in some moments it seems like he has a thing for Natsukawa, could he have been testing for Kazuto’s reaction? I guess we’ll never know as the Sphinx-like Haruna holds his water.


The Episode Review

Hang on, that’s the end. We were expecting 2 more episodes based on initial news announcements. But it looks like we’ve completed the drama and to a nicely resolved ending. Even the boys’ mothers seem to have separately caught on to their connection.

Cupid Haruna, in his own weird way, helps Natsukawa see things clearly and at the same time manages to force a conversation between Kazuto and Natsukawa. When he and Eri join the same ship, he reveals himself of having feelings for at least one of them. But that conversation about being a keen observer of people – it felt like he was saying he was an observer of Kazuto, didn’t it? Although he seemed to be fanboying over cute Natsukawa throughout the story. Either way, he’s now officially on board and I’m certain both he and Eri will help protect their friends’ love. Who else has joined the fandom?


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READ MORE:  Japanese drama and movie reviews and more BL drama reviews 

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