Living with Him – Episode 2 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

Living with Him

Living with Him (Kare no Iru Seikatsu) is a live-action Japanese BL drama based on a manga of the same name created by Miyata Toworu. The story was adapted by Miyamoto Takeshi who scripted Old Fashion Cupcake and adapted the Fullmetal Alchemist movie series. Starring Sho Sakai (Takara-kun to Amagi-kun) as Ryota Natsukawa and Ryuga Sato (Kamen Rider Geats saga) as Tanaka Kazuhito, they’re supported by Rei Sawamura of J-pop group, One N’ Only who plays Keita Haruna.

Our story begins when childhood friends reunite, surprised to find themselves housemates as they begin university. Natsukawa has spent his high school years as his family’s main caretaker looking after younger sisters while their parents work. Gaining new freedom, he’s excited to finally have the chance to live like a student as well as reconnect with his friend ‘Kazuto.’ Perfect in every way, Natsukawa wonders why Kazuto doesn’t have a girlfriend. Now that they’ve reconnected, he’s set to help Kazuto figure it out.

What Happened in Episode 1?

We’ve got the whole episode covered with our handy (and lengthy!) episode recap and review. Catch it here:

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What will happen in the next episode?

A friend of Natsukawa suggests that perhaps Kazuto’s relationships don’t last because he likes someone else. While he ponders that further, Natsukawa’s sisters beg him to treat them to dinner. Later, he speaks with Kazuto again, pondering further that his previous girlfriends believed he liked someone else. But we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what he’s landed.

Where Can I Watch Living with Him?

Living with Him is streaming weekly on Abema TV, TVer and Bilibili with English subtitles. It’s part of the weekly schedule on Tokyo MX in Japan.

Living with Him Episode 2 Release Date:

Episode 2 of Living with Him releases on Friday, April 19th.

Expect Episode 2 to be roughly 30 minutes long, consistent with the timeframe for the rest of the series.

The schedule + reviews for Living with Him Season 1 so far is as follows:

How Many Episodes Will Living with Him Have?

Living with Him Season 1 is expected to have 10 episodes. Future release dates include:

Episode 3 – April 26th, 2024
Episode 4 – May 3rd, 2024
Episode 5 – May 10th, 2024
Episode 6 – May 17th, 2024
Episode 7 – May 24th, 2024
Episode 8 – May 31st, 2024
Episode 9 – June 7th, 2024
Episode 10 – June 14th, 2024

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