Live Your Own Life – K-drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Episode 9

Ggeut-soon and Myung-hee’s argument continues at the beginning of Live Your Own Life episode 9. Myung-hee makes it clear that she’ll only pay 1000 bucks as rent if Ggeut-soon cleans the terrace and the apartment she’s rented out.

Ggeut-soon’s hopes are dashed when Myung-hee agrees to pay $700 for a subpar cleaning service.

Following this, Hyo-sim returns home to find a gloomy Sun-soon glued to the sofa. Hyo-sim tries desperately to lift Sun-soon’s spirits, but to no avail.

Tae-ho isn’t there when Hyo-sim arrives at the gym to train him. Instead, he goes to the villa where he believes his grandma is being held. He is severely beaten by the guards when he refuses to leave. Tae-ho stays put, and they give in, instead giving him a tour of the villa. Tae-ho looks everywhere for his grandmother but can’t seem to track her down.

Jin-soo finds out from Hyo-sung that Tae-ho was absent from work. Then, at work, Jin-so assaults him, saying he needs to be demoted for failing in his duty to keep a watch on Tae-ho.

While searching for his wife, Hyo-sung discovers that his beloved Hee-joo is hard at work. He hands over the two thousand dollars he had taken out to give to his mum, proceeding to tell him she plans to use the money to purchase a chair for Ru-bi.

Hyo-do and Tae-hee devise a plan to retrieve his car and, in turn, fulfil his loan obligations. Hyo-do picks up the keys at the Uicheon villa, and with Tae-hee, steal his car from the loan shark.

During the final moments of the episode, Tae-ho is seen heading to sit by the ruined car. However, Tae-min is spotted directing a group of guys to get rid of the car once he arrives. Tae-ho grows so enraged that he slaps Tae-min.

The Episode Review

In episode 9, Hyo-sim is frustrated with Tae-ho as he doesn’t show up at the gym. Tae-ho searches for his grandmother but has no success in locating her. Hyo-do and Tae-hee retrieve the banz from the loan shark.

This episode doesn’t advance the plot as much as the previous one did, and the extra drama makes this feel more like filler than anything else. Unfortunately, it’s also significantly less engaging than previous ones. We’ll have to wait and see if things pick up moving forward.

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