Live Your Own Life – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

Hyo-sim pays Myung-hee a visit at the beginning of Live Your Own Life episode 8. Hyo-sim and Myung-hee talk, and then Hyo-sim asks Myung-hee some personal questions about her family. Myung-hee continues by explaining that her son and daughter-in-law were having problems, so she decided to leave.

She continues by assuring Hyo-sim that she will be a good neighbour to everyone in Uicheon villa now that she has rented the terrace flat.

The focus then shifts to Tae-ho, who unexpectedly crosses paths with Tae-min. Tae-ho suspects some shadiness on the part of Tae-min’s family, so the cousins have a back-and-forth concerning their grandmother.

The following morning, when Tae-ho arrives at the gym to train under Hyo-sim, Hyo-sim stays home instead of going to work. Hyo-sim isn’t doing well, so a new trainer has been assigned to him.

Hyo-sim goes to see the loan shark later that day and pays back some of Hyo-do’s debt. After this, she makes an effort to get in touch with Hyo-do, who happens to be staying with Tae-hee.

Hyo-sim reflects on the day her father left her and her mother. She recalls them visiting the bus station, after which she learns that he boarded a bus, leaving his family behind.

Shortly after, Hyo-sim goes back to her former university and sees her old coach training a class of kids. The coach tells her that she was his best pupil and encourages her to consider a career in coaching.

Following this, Tae-ho calls Hyo-sim to check up on her. Given his history with Hyo-sim, Hyo-sim now displays passive-aggressive behaviour. Soon after, Tae-min messages her asking if her health is improving. Hyo-sim sends Tae-min a quick message to meet up with her.

The scene then switches to Tae-min, who drops all his work and heads to meet Hyo-sim. Upon his arrival, Hyo-sim lashes out, demanding to know why he calls her, takes her to dinner, and sends her texts. She doesn’t have time to join in on the games he and his cousin are playing because she already has a lot on her plate.

Tae-min asks her to go out to unwind. He then spends quality time with her by taking her to a park. However Myung-hee argues with Geut-soon about cleaning her flat when Hyo-sim returns home.

Tae-min visits his father Jin-bum in his room. Tae-min is then taken aback when Jin-bum reveals the truth about his grandmother. Then he begs Tae-min to join him in his search for Myung-hee before she can destroy their good name.

The Episode Review

In episode 8, Hyo-sim and Tae-min spend some quality time together. The truth about Myung-hee is revealed to Tae-min, while Tae-ho checks up on Hyo-sim. Hyo-do and Tae-hee prepare noodles together while Hyo-joon bickers with Mi-rim.

The episode delves deeper into the plot’s complexities, and we get to know the characters on a more intimate level. Like the previous ones, this chapter  is rather dramatic, but it still provides enjoyable viewing.

Some of the show’s middle-aged married women are unbearable to watch. Sook-hyang, Hee-joo, and Sun-soon, to name a few, are extremely obnoxious characters. We must give them credit for acting, though, because they succeed in making us dislike them. Nonetheless, this also contributes to a stereotype of married women as whiney, spoiled brats who are impossible to live with.

Overall, the show’s drama is heating up, which should keep you intrigued. This one truly is a guilty pleasure one can engage in week after week.

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