Live Your Own Life – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Live Your Own Life episode 7 shows Tae-min, Tae-ho, and the other members of the Taesan group going to Hyung-soon’s memorial service. Hyung-soon’s mother is resentful toward Tae-min because she holds a grudge against him and his family over the treatment of her son, who passed away.

At the funeral, Tae-ho confronts Tae-min with doubts regarding Hyung-soon’s mother’s account. Tae-min is insulted and, in an indirect way, tells Tae-ho to mind his own business because, after being gone for university for so long, he has lost track of everything.

Hyo-sim appears to be dozing off in front of her home. Myung-hee then runs into her and starts talking to her. When Hyo-sim gets back to her room, she has a mental breakdown.

The focus then shifts to one of Sook-hyang’s subordinates, who is following Tae-ho. Following this, he locates him near the wrecked vehicle. Sook-hyang freaks out when her subordinate shares the news with her. Following that, she asks him to keep an eye out for Tae-ho.

Hyo-sim stays home sick the next day and doesn’t go to work. Meanwhile, her mother Sun-soon is dealing with grief of her own. When she runs into Hee-joo, she only makes matters worse when Hee-joo tells her she should stop bothering them for help. In addition, she ridicules her for not supporting her son. This has Sun-soon very upset.

The scene then switches to Hyo-do, who is seen making use of a disguise. His current flatmate, Tae-hee, accompanies him on a supermarket run. Meanwhile, Sook-hyang’s subordinate entrusts Hyo-sung with following Tae-ho and offers the latter a promotion if he is successful in his mission.

On the other hand, Ggeut-soon is overjoyed to finally rent out the terrace room at Uicheon Villa to Myung-hee. Following this, Ggeut-soon is seen cleaning up the mess in accordance with Myung-hee’s request.

At a later hour the same day, Tae-min contacts Hyo-sim to suggest they do something exciting together. She agrees when he adds that he’ll give her a call the following day.

Sun-soon is shown drinking excessively and having an emotional breakdown in the episode’s closing minutes. Following this, Ggeut-soon takes her to her bedroom, where the tragic story of Sun-soon is revealed.

The Episode Review

In episode 7, Hyo-sim’s mental health takes a hit after she is assaulted by the loan shark. Myung-hee is now a tenant at Uicheon Villa. A fight breaks out between Hee-joo and Sun-soon. Tae-min expresses his interest in Hyo-sim.

The suspense in the show has ramped up drastically. The tension is through the roof, and there’s enough of drama and comedy thrown in for good measure. Tae-min and Hyo-sim’s budding romance is fascinating and intriguing as well.

So far, the show has succeeded in keeping our attention. You can’t help but become deeply immersed in this story, despite the fact that it’s incredibly dramatic.

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  1. Very excellent chemistry between the female lead and male lead. They are a gem.

    I always get so engrossed by the storyline that I feel like I am in skin of the female lead Uee and got turned on by cutey Ha Joon. Daebak!

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