Live Your Own Life – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Live Your Own Life episode 6 opens with Hyo-sim taking care of Myung-hee and passing out thereafter. Myung-hee is so touched by Hyo-sim’s thoughtfulness that she covers her up with a blanket while she sleeps.

Hyo-sim didn’t get sufficient rest the night before, so she’s feeling drowsy when she arrives at work. Following that, we witness Tae-ho lifting gigantic weights, where he promptly hurts himself. Hyo-sim takes immediate action and has him admitted to the hospital.

Tae-ho is fairly passive aggressive with Hyo-sim when they are both at the hospital. Tae-min then contacts Hyo-sim to find out where Tae-ho is. Following that, he brings up the fact that she cancelled their date from the day before. She says she got wrapped up in her responsibilities and completely forgot. She then reschedules a dinner with him.

Later that day, the loan shark thugs forcibly abduct Hyo-do. As he runs away, they manage to capture Hyo-sim. They then begin to mistreat her and demand that she repay the debt incurred by her brother. She initially says no, but after they threaten to ruin her family’s lives if they don’t get paid, she changes her mind.

On the other hand, Hyo-do meets Tae-hee by coincidence. She invites him to supper and then suggests he stay at her apartment for the night. Hyo-do accepts her offer and goes to her place. Sook-hyang, meanwhile, is exerting pressure on her men to go in search of Myung-hee. Myung-hee’s whereabouts are unclear, but one of her men receives information that leads him to believe that she may be in Uicheon Villa.

Hyo-sim plans to meet Tae-min for supper later that night. She attempts to conceal her bruise with makeup, but you can clearly see it.

Tae-min sees Hyo-sim’s injury as soon as she enters the restaurant. Following that, he covertly whisks her away to a secluded place. He then asks her if her boyfriend did that to her. In response, she tells him that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Tae-min gets a call during their conversation and has to leave. It turns out that Hyung-soon has passed away. Hyo-sim, meanwhile, has a breakdown on the way home.

Myung-hee also receives a phone call telling her of Hyung-soon’s passing. As a consequence, the informant asks her to stay hidden for some more time.

The Episode Review

A love triangle between Hyo-sim, Tae-ho, and Tae-min is hinted at in this episode. In addition, Tae-min invites Hyo-sim to join him for dinner, and she accepts his invitation.

Myung-hee is being tended for by Hyo-do and Hyo-sim while she gets better in this episode. Myung-hee’s situation is made more complicated by a tragic death.

The episode’s narrative is deficient in substantial suspense and displays characteristics similar to melodramatic tales frequently encountered in daily soaps. The show’s extensive utilisation of theatrical elements and exaggerated scenarios may not cater to the preferences of everyone.

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