Live Your Own Life – K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4

Live Your Own Life episode 4 picks up where the previous episode left off. Hyo-do is shown crashing into Myung-hee without meaning to. He panics at first, but then chooses to drive her to the emergency room. Myung-hee refuses to go to the hospital, though. He then brings her to Uicheon Villa to tend to her wounds.

At the gym, Hyo-sim is seen training Tae-ho. Tae-min enters the gym with the goal of establishing a closer relationship with Hyo-sim. However, when he sees her training Tae-ho, he walks away.

Hyo-sung finds out that his wife has once again bought Ru-bi an expensive chair when he is having breakfast. Following that, he gets into an argument with her because she refuses to allow him pay for his mother’s medical expenses while she continues to waste money. Following that, he walks away, claiming that he is entitled to do anything he wants with the money he has.

Sun-soon’s daughter Hyo-sim brings her back from the hospital. She reveals that she settled matters with the loan shark on her behalf. Following this, she advises her mother to never go back to the loan shark for any financial assistance again.

Jin-Bum takes Tae-min out for lunch. He then asks Tae-min to marry a media personnel’s daughter, whose father is his friend. Tae-min informs his father that he has feelings for someone else, but his father insists that he marry his friend’s daughter.

This is followed by Tae-min taking Hyo-sim out to lunch after he unexpectedly runs into her. He asks her out for dinner as he drops her off at the gym, but she doesn’t respond.

The investors who put money into Hyo-do are seen demanding their money back. In the scene, he makes a phone call but receives no response. His mental collapse suggests he has been duped.

Hyo-sung brings fruits for his mum, Sun-soon, when he shows up. When he is using the washroom, his wife rings him. When Sun-soon picks up the phone, she finds out that her son has been mistreated by his wife. She then proceeds to offer him the thousand dollars that Hyo-sim gave her.

Myung-hee is attempting to slip out of Uicheon Villa undetected. However, Ggeut-soon notices her and demands to know who she is. Meanwhile, Tae-hee pressures Jin-bum into paying her to remain silent about Myung-hee’s treatment at their hands. Alternatively, Sook-hyang attempts to bring her back to her house. Tae-hee, however, blackmails her into leaving her alone and walks away.

At the gym, Hyo-sim is seen training Tae-ho. Following this, Tae-min walks in and has a conversation with Hyo-sim. The episode ends with Tae-ho looking puzzled.

The Episode Review

The episode suggests the formation of a love triangle involving the characters Hyo-sim, Tae-ho, and Tae-min. Furthermore, in the course of this particular episode, the character Myung-hee is recovering under the care of Hyo-do, while Sook-hyang keeps herself busy in her search for her. Additionally, Sun-soon becomes aware of Hee-joo’s persistent mistreatment of Hyo-sung.

The episode lacks significant tension and exhibits elements reminiscent of melodramatic narratives commonly found in daily soaps. This show may not be to everyone’s taste due to its abundant use of plotting, theatrics, and exaggerated situations.

The episode concludes with Hyo-sim training Tae-ho, while Tae-min appears to display interest in joining the pair. It will be intriguing to watch the manner in which the plot develops in the episodes to come.

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