Live Your Own Life – Season 1 Episode 36 Recap & Review

Episode 36

Live Your Own Life episode 36 picks up where the previous episode left off, with Hyo-sim visiting her mother Sun-soon at the newly opened cafe. Following that, they get into a funny back-and-forth about Sun-soon taking a risk again after feeling lonely and Hyo-sim leaving the house and dating Tae-ho. Following that, Hyo-sim leaves and Sun-soon proceeds to whip up meals in preparation for the cafe’s official launch.

The focus then moves to Tae-ho, who is falsely accused of putting the charity fund’s capital in an offshore account and is subsequently arrested. While he’s being arrested, Tae-ho asks Hyo-sung to take care of Hyo-sim for him.

After hearing about Tae-ho’s arrest, Hyo-sim goes to Taesan and has a breakdown after meeting Hyo-sung. She is in a terrible condition when Tae-min spots her as she is leaving. Later that night, Tae-min waits outside her building. She arrives at the place and urges him to help Tae-ho in getting out of prison. After he makes a subtle attempt to avoid responsibility, she corrects him by saying she had the wrong impression of him since she thought he was a good man.

The following morning, Sun-soon is hosting a gathering to celebrate the official opening of her cafe. All of her loved ones, including her children, come over to cheer her on in her new endeavour. Furthermore, the first day of business is a spectacular one for the cafe. However, Hyo-joon wrecks everything by showing up drunk. Following this, he is taken to his home so he can sober up.

While visiting Tae-min at Taesan, Hyo-do breaks the news of his marriage to Tae-hee. Following this, Tae-min pays a visit to Tae-hee’s chicken shop. After that, Tae-hee tells him about their parents’ transgressions. She goes on to tell him that their grandmother is still alive. Following that, she tells him she doesn’t want to live with her mother and that he should just let her be and not interfere in her new life.

After Tae-min gets drunk later that day, he pays Hyo-sim another visit at her building. He tries to open up to Hyo-sim about his situation and relies on her for support because he doesn’t trust anybody else at the moment. However, she tells him she’s had a lot on her plate and won’t be able to support him. As a consequence, he ends up leaving.

After being accused of being affiliated with a suspicious foundation, Jin-soo fires Hyo-sung from Taesan the next day. On the other hand, Tae-ho is being interrogated in the jail cell and he tells them that he has no idea about the transfer of funds.

The Episode Review

In episode 36, Tae-ho is arrested on grounds of transferring money from the charity funds to an off-shore account. On the other hand, Sun-soon is taking pleasure in the grand opening of her recently opened cafe. Meanwhile, Tae-min finds out that Tae-hee is married to Hyo-do. Furthermore, he learns about his parents’ wrongdoings.

This episode, like the others, will put you through a range of emotions. Some characters are having pleasant experiences while the others are in the midst of a terrible crisis. By balancing the upbeat and downbeat, it helps to defray the gravity of the main characters’ situations.

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