Live Your Own Life – Season 1 Episode 35 Recap & Review

Episode 35

Live Your Own Life episode 35 picks up where the last one left off. The business owner of TS Fitness confronts Hyo-sim regarding her relationship with Tae-ho, one of her clients. Following that, explaining that she has broken a major rule at the gym, Hyo-sim tells him that she is going to quit her job. Nevertheless, considering Tae-ho’s good fortune, the owner tries to encourage her to continue working and even asks for favours. Nevertheless, Hyo-sim opts to discontinue working at the gym rather than risk damaging her pride.

At this point, Mi-rim is getting ready to leave the rented flat by packing her belongings. Hyo-joon attempts to intervene with her. Nevertheless, she leaves after handing him the notes she has prepared.

We see Myung-hee’s meeting with the CEO of TV Live. She confronts him about his transgressions, which initially shocks him. Then she turns to him and asks for his support in her fight against Myung-hee. Contrary to this, Myung-hee and Jin-soo are seen scheming to make Tae-min the Chairman while using Tae-ho as the bait.

Unexpectedly, Soo-kyung shows up at the gym. She accuses Hyo-sim of breaking her marriage with Tae-min and slaps her. Following this, Hyo-sim strikes her back, and the other TS Fitness employees block Soo-kyung from getting violent toward Hyo-sim. Following this, Hyo-sim submits her letter of resignation and leaves.

As soon as Hyo-sim reaches her apartment, she appears to be about to burst into tears. Nonetheless, she composes herself and instead visits her mother’s new cafe with the present Tae-ho purchased for her. When Sun-soon inquires about the wound on Hyo-sim’s face, she breaks down. Then Sun-soon reassures her and compliments her for returning the favour. In tandem with this, Tae-ho is being arrested at Taesan on grounds of embezzling funds.

The Episode Review

In episode 35, Tae-ho gets arrested as a consequence of Sook-hyang’s plotting. After suffering through a string of setbacks in her acting career, Mi-rim decides to leave the rental flat. Claiming that Hyo-sim is to blame for the dissolution of her marriage, Soo-kyung slaps her.

The episode maintains the show’s pattern and delivers highly poignant, entertaining, and dramatic content. The show does a great job of blending comedic and touching moments, and it manages to make even the falling action bits enjoyable. We are quite excited to see where the show goes from here on account of how much it has grown this season.

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