Live Your Own Life – Season 1 Episode 34 Recap & Review

Episode 34

Live Your Own Life episode 34 picks up where the last one left off. When Tae-ho’s grandma Myung-hee calls out to him, he finds out that she is alive. They share a deeply touching moment. Following this, Myung-hee cautions Tae-ho against disclosing the secret to anybody, even the people living in Uicheon Villa. Additionally, she informs him that her son and daughter-in-law are responsible for her current predicament. She goes on to compliment Hyo-sim and expresses her relief that he is dating someone as lovely as her.

Following this, Tae-ho pays a visit to Hyo-sim’s home and hugs her. Despite his reluctance to reveal that Myung-hee is his grandma, he conveys his profound appreciation for all that she has done for him. Tae-ho reassures Hyo-sim that everything is going to be alright, despite her worries caused by his overpowering feelings.

At Taesan, there are plans to promote Tae-min to the role of Vice Chairman during the upcoming board meeting. With the support of the majority, Tae-min gets promoted to the position of Vice Chairman. Nonetheless, Tae-ho pays a visit to Tae-min at his office, challenges him, and promises to stop Tae-min from being appointed as chairman.

During this time, Soo-kyung has had enough of Tae-min’s indifferent treatment of her. She complains about her husband’s behaviour to her father, who is TV Liv’s CEO. After that, he suggests that she should end their marriage. Meanwhile, Myung-hee reaches out to TV Liv’s CEO to sway him to her side.

We see that Sun-soon is trying to take control of her life. Soon after signing the lease, she and Ggeut-soon run their own cafe. When the news reaches Hyo-sung, he visits her and raises concerns. However, this time around, Sun-soon is hell-bent on venturing out on her own.

Rumours have been circulating at TS Fitness that Hyo-sim is romantically involved with Tae-ho, one of her clients. However, Hyo-sim asks Ga-young and her coworkers to keep Tae-ho in the dark about the threat to her job. The owner requests a meeting with Hyo-sim as things swiftly escalate.

Meanwhile, Tae-ho is introduced to Ru-bi and Lee Phillip for the first time. As the scene unfolds, Ru-bi presses Tae-ho on several weighty questions, including his relationship goals with her aunt and the reasons he fell for her.

The Episode Review

In episode 34, Tae-ho finally meets Myung-hee. At TS Fitness, Hyo-sim’s position is at risk. After threatening to divorce Tae-min, Soo-kyung storms out of his house. Tae-min is promoted to the position of Vice Chairman.

Just as in other episodes, this one will have you on the edge of your seat. With each episode, the plot thickens and the show moves at the perfect pace. The show has matured into a delightful and touching viewing experience, with the ideal amount of drama.

Counting both the main and supporting cast, there are a plethora of characters in the show. Nevertheless, the show does a good job with most of the characters because they’re well-developed.

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