Live Your Own Life – K-drama Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

In episode 1 of Live Your Own Life, Hyo-sim, the protagonist, is revealed to be a fitness instructor. She gets up early to get a head start on the day by training clients at the gym.

Following this, Hyo-sim’s mother, Sun-soon, is presented. Sun-soon is always on the lookout for Hyo-sim’s father through a fortune teller because he deserted his wife and children. Sun-soon consults a psychic, and as a result, borrows money from a loan shark and puts the obligation to repay the loans on Hyo-sim.

Hyo-do, Hyo-sim’s younger brother, also borrows money from loan sharks like their mother does. He uses debt to fund his extravagant desires, such as a new car. He borrows money and then expects his sister Hyo-sim to pay it back. Meanwhile, Hyo-sung, Hyo-sim’s older brother, is an employee at Tensan Group. He has settled down in Gangnam with his wife and two children.

Hyo-joon, Hyo-sim’s older sibling, is studying to enter the legal profession. The fact that even the smallest things can throw him off his concentration, however, becomes clear. Something as basic as a sneeze or polka dots on someone’s clothes can throw him off. This complicates his efforts to further his education.

Tae-ho, the primary protagonist in the K-drama, is also presented to us at this point. From what we can see, he shares an interest in physical fitness similar to our protagonist, Hyo-sim. We can see that he is leaving California and heading for South Korea.

We also meet Sook-hyang, Tae-ho’s aunt. She is holding his grandma, Myung-hee, prisoner, as we soon discover. This is because the grandma had plans to leave her fortune to her grandson, possibly Tae-ho. On the contrary, Sook-hyang intends to give her fortune to her eldest grandchild.

To Tae-ho, it seems like his aunt is up to no good with his grandmother. Since his grandfather’s death, he also worries for his beloved grandmother’s safety. Tae-ho’s aunt tells him that his grandmother has dementia and has left, but he doesn’t believe her. Consequently, he discusses this matter with his attorney.

Hyo-sim and Tae-ho have their first meet cute when they both go jogging early morning. They clash, and Tae-ho gets annoyed with her. She offers to cover the cost of his doctor’s visit, but he refuses her help while he thinks she’s crazy.

Hyo-sim is shown working out at her gym late at night in the episode’s closing scenes. Tae-ho happens to go to the gym as well and they meet each other for the second time. 

The Episode Review

Episode 1 of Live Your Own Life brilliantly establishes the premise, introduces the main characters and provides an understanding of what’s to come. Hyo-sim and Tae-ho, our protagonists, are also introduced to us, and we witness two meet-cute moments between them.

The episode’s primary themes center on familial responsibilities, loyalty, and sacrifice. Both Hyo-sim and Tae-ho are clearly devoted to their loved ones. Both of them have strong ties to their families, and despite the fact that Hyo-sim’s family is her biggest burden, she still goes above and beyond for them, which is quite admirable.

The two main characters unexpectedly cross paths for the second time as the episode comes to a close. In the subsequent episodes, it will be intriguing to see how their story develops.


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