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Live Your Own Life – Season 1 Episode 15 Recap & Review

Episode 15

Live Your Own Life episode 15 opens with Tae-hee going on to tell Tae-ho that their grandmother is alive in their hearts and that he shouldn’t lose hope. Following this, Sook-hyang watches helplessly as she walks away.

Following that, Hyo-do picks up Tae-hee from beneath the building and takes her belongings and her to the apartment. Later on, she gifts him with a pricey watch. He can’t help but question Tae-hee’s financial standing.

On the other hand, a call informing her that Hyo-joon has been arrested interrupts Hyo-sim’s response to Tae-min’s confession. As a consequence, she promptly leaves.

Sun-soon and Hyo-sim make it to the station where Hyo-joon is being held. As a witness, Mi-rim is seated here. Hyo-sim thinks about ways to fix the problem. However, the victim won’t budge.

The following day, Hyo-sim visits the police station yet again. This time, Mi-rim has successfully negotiated a settlement with the victim for fifty grand. Hyo-sim is trying to get early payments from her job, but she doesn’t have a lot of money. Additionally, she takes Tae-ho up on his offer of a modeling contract.

In the last moments of the show, Hyo-sim discusses withdrawing money from her savings account with her mother. Even so, her mother informs her that the money has already been spent. Since Hyo-sim was putting money aside to start her own gym, this is heartbreaking for her. The episode ends with Hyo-sim going outside to introduce herself to someone on the phone.

The Episode Review

In the fifteenth episode, Tae-hee moves back in with Hyo-do at the apartment. In order to keep tabs on Tae-min and Hyo-sim, Soo-kyung has joined TS Fitness. Tae-min can’t stop obsessing over Hyo-sim. At last, Hyo-sim has had enough of her mother’s prejudices, which cause her to put her son’s needs above her daughter’s.

The show often delivers a decent episode on Saturdays and a disappointing one on Sundays. The writers once again let down viewers with this episode, which aired on Sunday.

The show’s dramatic elements are too often the downfall of otherwise decent plot points. Overblown theatrics from characters, such as Sun-soon, Sook-hyang, and Hee-joo, get tiresome after a while.

We hope things pick up moving forward. However, if I’m being really honest, I thought this episode was mediocre.

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