Live Your Own Life – Season 1 Episode 14 Recap & Review

Episode 14

Picking up just where the previous episode left off, Live Your Own Life episode 14 dives right in. Tae-ho pays a visit to Hyo-sim at the hospital. Since Tae-ho is sound asleep, Hyo-sim refrains from disturbing him. Almost immediately after, Tae-min visits Tae-ho and unexpectedly finds Hyo-sim.

Given Tae-min’s long-suppressed feelings for Hyo-sim, he gets upset by her growing friendship with his brother. However, he tells her that he’ll drop her back at her place. As they say their goodbyes, Tae-min invites Hyo-sim out for a meal.

Sun-soon is actively seeking job opportunities. She finds a job at a clothing store. However, given that she’s unable to learn the skills needed for the job, she is fired. At the same time, Ggeut-soon is brought into custody by the authorities because they mistake her for a criminal who resembles her. However, not long after that, Hyo-sim comes to her rescue by bringing her ID to the station.

Tae-min takes Soo-kyung out for a meal as a token of his appreciation for attending his grandmother’s funeral. Tae-min suggests that they become friends. However, it’s obvious that Soo-kyung wants more. She proceeds to make fun of him for being attracted to Hyo-sim.

In the afternoon, Sun-soon upsets Hyo-sim by harshly criticizing her. Not long after that, Tae-min gives Hyo-sim a call and requests an urgent meeting. Following this, Hyo-sim goes rushing over to see Tae-min.

While Mi-rim is at work, Hyo-joon is enjoying a dinner at the restaurant. Here he encounters a familiar face who teases him for failing to clear the bar. Hyo-joon loses his temper and punches the man. At the same time, Tae-min tells Hyo-sim how he feels.

Tae-hee is making an effort to pack as many things as she can before leaving her house. She longs to return to her flat, where Hyo-do stays, because she misses him. However, Sook-hyang catches her in the act. However, Tae-hee uses her knowledge that her grandmother is alive as a weapon of blackmail.

As the episode comes to a close, Tae-hee unexpectedly crosses paths with Tae-ho as she prepares to leave. She proceeds to inform him that she will be returning to Paris. When her mother attempts to stop her, she tells Tae-ho that their grandmother is alive, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

In episode 14, Tae-min confesses his feelings for Hyo-sim. Meanwhile, Hyo-joon and an acquaintance engage in a physical fight. On top of that, Tae-hee tells Tae-ho that their grandmother is alive.

In this episode, the show turns up the heat and keeps us guessing until the very end. However, the show’s persistent plot twists and turns leave us with a sour taste in our mouths.

The episode ends on an intriguing note. It’ll be fascinating to watch the way the storyline unfolds moving forward.

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