Live Your Own Life – K-drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

Episode 13

In Live Your Own Life episode 13, Sun-soon tries to get Hyo-sim’s attention. However, she appears to be distracted. Following this, Sun-soon mocks her and says that she and Hyo-sim’s father adopted her. This upsets Hyo-sim further.

The following day, Hyo-sim learns that her workplace is pitching in contributions to give Tae-min and Tae-ho’s family. Following this, Hyo-sim makes the biggest contribution, as she feels upset given that she’s grown close to Tae-ho and Tae-min.

Ggeut-soon, Woo-joo, and Sun-soon arrive at Uicheon Villa and realize that Myung-hee may be the Taesan Group advisor reported dead in the press. Despite Myung-hee’s best efforts, she keeps running across roadblocks as she tries to leave the Uicheon villa.

Tae-ho is taken to the hospital after passing out at the funeral home. Following this, Jeon-min asks Hyo-sim to visit him with a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the company.

Hyo-sim goes to see Tae-ho at the hospital as he lies unconscious in the final moments of the episode.

The Episode Review

In episode 13 of Live Your Own Life, Tae-ho, feeling stirred and believing his grandmother has died, passes out in the funeral room. Myung-hee’s true identity is revealed to Ggeut-soon, Woo-joo, and Sun-soon.

This episode shares some of the same problems as the last one. Furthermore, the show’s entertainment value keeps dropping. While a little bit of drama might make a show more entertaining, this is taking it too far.

We hope things pick up as at this point, as the show is getting rather disappointing.

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