Live Your Own Life – K-drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

Episode 12

In Live Your Own Life episode 12, Hyo-sim offers to drive a drunk Tae-ho home. While dropping him off at his place, she runs into Tae-min. Tae-min is visibly upset with her for having drinks with his brother. Following this, he confronts her about not going out with him but having drinks with his brother, whom she has only known for the past three months. She attempts to explain, but he just leaves.

Following this, Hyo-sim visits her mother at home, where she notices that she has prepared a meal. The following day, Hyo-sim wakes up with a hangover. Her brother Hyo-joon is eating what her mother has prepared when she goes to enjoy it. She goes to work feeling angry and disappointed since, as usual, her mother treats her differently than her sons.

Tae-min stops Tae-ho on his way to work to correct him about his lack of chivalry in not dropping Hyo-sim off at her home after an evening out. Tae-ho acts as though he doesn’t care about manners in front of his brother. Nonetheless, he immediately gets in touch with Hyo-sim and invites her out for hangover soup, to which she readily agrees.

Meanwhile, Hyo-do and Tae-hee visit the relative of the debtor in order to collect the eggs that are owed to Hyo-do. However, the person in question is out that day, and through a note, he asks Hyo-do to tend to his chickens. As a consequence, Hyo-do and Tae-hee take care of the chickens and return with eggs. Unfortunately, Tae-hee gets hurt on the way home. Hyo-do takes her back to her flat by carrying her.

While having soup with Hyo-sim, Tae-ho receives some bad news about his grandmother. Consequently, he leaves Hyo-sim in the middle of their meal, claiming that he will stay in touch with her.

The news that their grandma, Myung-hee, has passed away sends Tae-ho and Tae-min racing to the hospital. The police have recovered a body, and it has been positively recognized as Myung-hee’s. Myung-hee, on the other hand, is apparently alive in Uicheon Villa and watching the events unfold on television.

The following day, a funeral service for Myung-hee is held. During the service, Jin-bum breaks down, and Sook-hyang pretends to cry. Hyo-sim, in the meantime, finds out on TV that Tae-min and Tae-ho’s grandmother passed away.

The Episode Review

In episode 12 of Live Your Own Life, Hyo-sim goes out for drinks with Tae-ho. Tae-min learns that his beloved grandmother has passed away, and he has a breakdown. We also get to see a tender moment between Hyo-do and Tae-hee.

Similar to the previous episodes, this one is interesting and enjoyable, but it has too much drama. The leads, on the other hand, don’t have any chemistry, which is problematic for the show. As a consequence, we don’t really root for them to get together.

We hope things pick up. The show’s entertainment value, however, appears to be dropping at the moment.

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