Live Your Own Life – K-drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Episode 11

In Live Your Own Life episode 11, Hyo-sim is running. On returning home, she expresses her frustration with her mother for being biased towards her sons and not being the same towards her.

We see Kook-hyang telling Jin-soo that they need to make Myung-hee disappear. Additionally, she asks him to keep this from her husband Jin-bum as he could get drink and tell Tae-min about it.

The following morning, Tae-min shows up early morning at the gym to work out. He asks Hyo-sim if she’s available in the evening after his session ends. She does, however, tell him that she finds it uncomfortable to meet with him outside of work. Following this, Tae-min walks away feeling hurt.

Since Hyo-do and Tae-hee are broke, they go to a different lender to borrow money. Their request is turned down, though. Tae-hee sees Myung-hee on the way home while riding the bus. Following this, she takes a picture of her. However she has to go since she needs to catch Hyo-do’s bus, so she leaves.

Later on in the day, Hyo-sung makes an effort to reason with his daughter Ru-bi, who is quite disrespectful and unappreciative of her parents. However, his efforts seem to be futile. In addition, Hee-joo purchases a new chair for Ru-bi. Following that, Hyung-sung grows enraged with Ru-bi over her behaviour towards her family members.

Hyo-sim relaxes on a park bench later that evening. Following that, Tae-ho sees her and goes up to talk to her. This follows with them getting drunk at a restaurant. Hyo-sim then heads to Tae-ho’s house to drop him off. But Tae-min notices the two of them together, and the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

In episode 11 of Live Your Own Life, Hyo-sim pushes Tae-min away. Later that night, she and Tae-ho hit the bar. Ru-bi has gotten on Hyo-sung’s nerves. Myung-hee is photographed by Tae-hee after she happens to see her out and about. Myung-hee and Ggeut-soon continue to argue.

The episode’s plot has become pretty repetitive, and it feels like things are being drawn out for too long. Moreover, it’s getting tiresome to put up with the married women’s constant drama. Besides that, the show is entertaining to watch as a whole.

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