Live Your Own Life – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Episode 10

In Live Your Own Life episode 10, Tae-min gets a call from Hyo-sim informing him that his cousin Tae-ho hasn’t been coming to the gym to work out. She continues by informing him that she worries about his well-being. Following that, he tells her that his relative is doing fine.

We then find out that Tae-min is close to the garage where Tae-ho has been storing the wrecked vehicle. He can be seen giving Jin-soo the order to tow the car. When Tae-ho finally shows up, he tells them not to take the last thing that reminds him of his grandparents. Once the car is taken away, he repeatedly hits Tae-min.

Tae-min then continues by informing him of the wrongdoings done to him and his family by Tae-ho’s father. He consequently concludes Tae-ho should stop prying around and that his family is not plotting anything.

After the confrontation with Tae-ho, Tae-min visits Uicheon Villa. He finds writing on the structure calling Hyo-sim ugly. After he stops laughing at it, he snaps a photo of the writing on the wall. Hyo-sim, meanwhile, constantly tries to console her mother when she is throws a tantrum.

Then, the focus of the scene moves to Soo-kyung, who is in the restaurant waiting for Tae-min. However, Tae-min never shows up, which infuriates Soo-kyung.

The following morning, Hyo-sim can be seen filming an advertisement for a treadmill. Her encounter with Tae-ho occurs when she appears hanging it up outside the gym. Following that, he informs her that he has other pressing issues to attend to and that he will no longer be attending the gym.

Hyo-do and Tae-hee are outside Uicheon Villa when Hyo-sim gets back from the gym. When Hyo-sim learns that he has the Banz with him, she forcefully takes the keys from him and sells it.

Hyo-joon, on the other hand, goes to a restaurant. As it appears, Mi-rim works there on a part-time basis. She informs him that he was correct when he speculated about her motivations for wanting to be an actress as he leaves the restaurant after dinner.

Hyo-sim goes grocery shopping to make her mother feel better. However, on returning home, her mother is still laying on the couch, denying to eat anything and refusing to talk to her. Following that, she takes a bag of puffed rice to Ggeut-soon’s house. After that, Ggeut-soon informs her that her mother isn’t actually depressed but rather has financial difficulties, which is why she’s behaving gloomy.

Hyo-sung can be spotted standing outside the restaurant where his spouse does the dishwashing. His wife is taken aback to see him there when she gets off work. She is then seen getting wasted and thinking back on the past. She goes on to tell him not to nag her about doing so much for their children’s education, as she doesn’t want them to end up like her.

In the final moments of the episode, Sook-hyang informs Jin-soo that she wishes Myung-hee dead so that she won’t cause further problems. She can be seen pleading with him to see that it happens, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

In episode 10 of Live Your Own Life, Hyo-sim attempts to cheer her mother up. Tae-min visits Uicheon Villa and is pleasantly surprised. Hee-joo asks Hyo-sung to stop bugging her about the education of their kids. Tae-ho quits the gym. Sook-hyang wants Myung-hee dead.

Much like the previous episodes, this episode is also entertaining to watch. But it verges on being overly dramatic, particularly when it comes to the older, married female characters.

As a whole, the episode is enjoyable to watch. It doesn’t, however, actually advance the plot all that much. We’ll have to wait and watch how the plot develops in the upcoming episodes.

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