Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones (2023) Season 1 Review – Beautifully details the benefits and secrets of long life

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Humans have existed for more than 300,000 years and with the present boom of capitalism and technology, most people want to live a long and healthy life. However, with the introduction of modernism, humans have stopped doing tasks that lead to exertion and as a result, have reduced their life expectancy.

Front and center of this documentary series is Dan Buettner, a man who has studied the history of regions known as the blue zones. The blue zones refer to cities or towns in various parts of the world that see an average life expectancy much higher than the rest of the world.

Over the years, multiple research projects have suggested five blue zones all around the world and they are – Okinawa Prefecture, Japan; Nuoro Province, Sardinia, Italy; the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica; Icaria, Greece; and Loma Linda, California, United States.

This Netflix documentary dives into this very topic, looking at the tried and tested methods coming from the people living in such blue zone regions.

It is a well-known fact that America is one of the Top 5 unhealthiest countries in the world. With the medium of this documentary, Dan analyses the living conditions of people living in the blue zones and compares them to the American (or any other modern) lifestyle.

This comparison helps viewers see how living a long life could benefit them and it details how living a healthy life is more cost-efficient than living unhealthily. Over the four episodes of this series, we see Dan talk to the centurions and learn how they came to live up to 100 or more years.

The show also highlights how Capitalism is potentially ruining the blue zones and the fact that some regions that were classified as blue zones are losing their status due to the introduction of facilities that promote sedentary life and fast food, is pretty eye-opening.

The end of the show details the possibility of a new blue zone in Singapore and details how the government is making conscious efforts in order to make a difference in the lives of its citizens.

From limiting meat consumption to increasing the costs of driving a private vehicle in order to promote public transport and movement. All of this then feeds back into that idea of promoting healthy eating habits, which in turn keeps humans in certain regions healthy.

Live to 100 is a great watch and gives viewers an insight into what makes them unhealthy and how to change that. Over the four episodes, there are multiple tips that Dan offers to viewers in order to promote a healthier way of living, making it a must-watch for all audiences.

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  • Verdict - 9.5/10

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