Little Women – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Episode 11

Episode 11 of Little Women starts with a flashback of how Sang-ha convinced Jae-sang to commit suicide. After Jae-sang has won the elections, Sang-ha is upset as she gives him the blue ghost orchid. Jae-sang jumps off a building as a flashback shows him saying that he is fulfilling a promise to protect Sang-ha, one that he made as a child.

Back at home, Sang-ha breaks down seeing the portrait of a childhood photo of herself with Jae-sang and Sang-woo which In-hye sent her from Japan. Meanwhile, In-joo is arrested for stealing the 70 billion won despite her International account balance being $0. Before being arrested, she tells In-kyung that Do-il betrayed her by stealing all the money.

The next day, Do-il and his mother are chased by a car and the two meet with an accident. In jail, In-joo is worried about Do-il after In-kyung mentions the accident. She asks In-kyung to look for him as she is in prison. After Jae-sang’s funeral, Sang-ha takes over the business and gives Soo-im full freedom to destroy the two older Oh sisters.

Sang-ha asks Soo-im to be patient stating that the time to avenge Jae-sang’s death will come soon. In-kyung is trying to figure out a way to save In-joo while she is in prison. Reporter Ma-ri conspires with Sang-ha and Soo-im in order to malign In-joo’s reputation further by accusing her of plotting with Hwa-young and stealing 72 billion won from the Wonryeong Trust.

In prison, In-joo’s lawyer tells her that she has no way out of the prison other than coming out clean and begging for forgiveness. In court, the prosecution manages to put In-joo in a fix where she basically confesses to all the crimes and embezzlement of the money. In-kyung notices Hwa-young and recalls seeing the deceased accountant in the past.

In-joo tells her lawyer that Do-il is the only one who can help her and asks him to get Do-il to court. The lawyer reveals that Do-il is already a witness for the Prosecution and against In-joo. As In-joo is being taken to the prison, one of the reporters tries to sneak in a note to her but fails to do so.

At the Oh house, In-kyung tells Jong-ho that Hwa-young’s mother was one of the victims in the Bobae Savings Bank scandal. In-kyung recalls Hwa-young leading her to Kim Dal-su in the past which helped her find Cheol-seong in the past. In-kyung tells In-joo that Hwa-young was seeking revenge for her mother’s loss and eventual death.

In-joo recalls introducing Reporter In-kyung to Hwa-young in the past. In-joo breaks down in prison as she regrets letting the people around her use her like a pawn. She asks In-kyung to help her get out and help get Sang-ha behind the bars for killing Hwa-young. In-joo directs In-kyung to the closed room and asks her to access the photographs she had taken of the room.

In-kyung states that Hwa-young, as well as Sang-ha’s mother, were both found dead hanging inside the closet in nothing but a fur coat and red heels. The next day, In-kyung tries to chat with Hwa-young’s father but the old man drives them away, refusing to answer her questions. Jong-ho learns that he sold the coat in an online store and attempts to reach the seller.

Reporter Ma-ri is on the local news where she reveals that Sang-woo was a mentally ill patient who was on the loose with the help of In-kyung and In-joo. She alleges that Jae-sang only killed Sang-woo in self-defence with trimmed dashcam footage from the night.

In-kyung is furious over the public’s reactions against In-joo and herself after Ma-ri further alleges with more clipped footage that the Oh sisters had been conspiring with Hwa-young for years. Sa-pyeong is having a meal with Sang-ha who asks him to be in charge of a new trust under Jae-sang’s name.

Sa-pyeong is now the only surviving active member of the Jeongran Society along with General Won who is in a comatose. Sang-ha tells Sa-pyeong that she is completely alone with Jae-sang and Sang-woo dead, her father ill and Hyo-rin abandoning her. She asks Sa-pyeong to look into In-kyung and handle her in the ways of the Jeongran Society. Sa-pyeong is hesitant but Sang-ha manages to manipulate him.

He asks Sang-ha about Jae-sang’s involvement in the murder of Sang-woo but she brushes it off saying he had a different way of thinking which wasn’t in tune with the Jeongran Society’s principles. Before he leaves, Sang-ha puts Sa-pyeong’s blue orchid on the father tree and he is delighted. In-kyung confronts Ma-ri for lying through her teeth to the media.

While In-kyung is trying to knock some sense into Ma-ri, the reporter believes that In-joo was truly involved in the 72 billion won theft. Ma-ri leaves by telling In-kyung that what she said was her version of the truth and leaves. Just then, some men in a van appear in the parking lot and kidnap In-kyung. Jong-ho brings the fur coat to Hye-suk’s house and is worried when he doesn’t find In-kyung there.

Meanwhile, Sang-ha visits In-joo in prison and teases her with personal belongings that she acquired from the Oh family house. In-joo is worried about In-kyung and warns Sang-ha. Sang-ha threatens to kill all of In-joo’s family including her parents who are in the Philippines as well as In-hye alongside In-kyung. In-joo breaks downs and causes a scene making the officers arrive to help her calm down.

She asks Sang-ha to leave her sisters alone. Sang-ha tells In-joo that she as well as her sisters will have to suffer the consequences of wronging her. Once back in her cell, In-joo starts crying profusely whereas Jong-ho is worried sick trying to find In-kyung as he files a missing report for her. In-kyung wakes up, tied to a chair with Sa-pyeong threatening to torture her for what she did to Jae-sang and General Won’s family. He brings a knife close to In-kyung’s neck and it is indicated that In-kyung is dead.

The next day, Do-il is in court during the second day of In-joo’s trial. He initially answers the Prosecutor’s questions by agreeing that In-joo was aware of the 72 billion won being embezzled.

However, during cross-examination, he alleges that In-joo was only a pawn while the money was actually transferred to a new firm in Panama under Won Sang-ha’s name. Do-il reveals a flash drive with all transactions of embezzled money into Sang-ha’s account and confesses that he too was part of the embezzlement in the past in order to save In-joo.

Sang-ha, who is also in court, is stunned after Do-il’s betrayal and In-joo seems worried for him. Reporters hound Sang-ha and once in her car, Soo-im asks if she knew about the transfer. Soo-im wonders why Do-il chose to help In-joo over keeping the 70 billion himself.

Do-il manages to sneak into the waiting room and meet In-joo one last time reassuring her before he is taken under arrest for his involvement in the case. In-joo watches the news from her solitary confinement and Ma-ri is on a call with Sang-ha. She tells the new Wonryeong director that the only way to save herself was to donate all the money under the Panama account.

Just then, Ma-ri receives an update that In-kyung is alive and on the local news. With the help of Sa-pyeong In-kyung exposes Jae-sang and Sang-ha for killing Hwa-young and Sang-woo as well as many others. The duo also exposes how there exists a father tree full of blue orchids in Sang-ha’s house maligning her reputation further.

Sang-ha who is also watching the news is shocking. A flashback shows how Sa-pyeong was already upset with Sang-ha for having Sang-woo killed. In-kyung convinces him to protect the Jeongran society’s honour and stop Sang-ha from embezzling money under the name of her father. In-kyung finds Jong-ho waiting for her outside the building and rushes to hug him.

She apologises for disappearing all of a sudden and he promises to hold on to her even harder. The next day, In-joo gives her emotional final statement in court. She shares how she got a little greedy upon seeing the money and asks the judge to punish her for her greed.

Just as In-joo finishes her statement, a woman walks into court from behind. In-kyung, Jong-ho, Sang-ha as well as In-joo are shocked to see that the woman is none other than Hwa-young!

The Episode Review

This was, if not the only, but the most chaotic episode in the history of Little Women. It definitely had a few plot holes but they can be overlooked by the insane amount of plot twists. From Do-il showing up and indirectly confessing his feelings for In-joo in court, to Hwa-young showing up alive and well as In-joo is in fear of being incarcerated for something that wasn’t her fault.

My girl In-joo really has an army of people that love her despite her innocence. It was entertaining seeing Do-il, a man who only chased money, be worried about In-joo as he tried to send her a message using the reporters. Jong-ho on the other hand is a literal godsend angel because of his relentlessness in helping In-kyung.

I had been waiting for a betrayal from both Jong-ho and Do-il but it seems like Little Women has given us not one but two green flag boys.

In-kyung’s master-stroke trying to convince Sa-pyeong really worked and it will be interesting to see how Sang-ha is taken down now that she is all alone and helpless. I am sure Hwa-young had orchestrated all of this way before her fake death and I have a feeling In-hye is somehow involved in her return.

On we head to the grand finale of a show that clearly deserved 16 episodes at least!

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