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Episode 10

In Episode 10 of Little Women, we first see Sang-woo hold a gun behind Park Jae-sang’s head. Sang-woo discusses his grievances with the latter and calls him out for taking his place. He threatens Soo-im on a video call by assaulting Park Jae-sang and asks her to immediately arrange funds for his escape.

Soo-im and her men rush to fulfil Sang-woo’s request and in the meantime, Jae-sang manages to disarm the former CEO. He then tries to shoot Sang-woo and is shocked to learn that the gun did not have any bullets. Jae-sang is angry and gets filled with rage.

When Sang-woo laughs at him and calls him names, Jae-sang loses his mind and beats him up. Sang-woo is so rage-driven that he picks up a big stone and brutally kills Sang-woo. Once he is back home, Sang-ha praises him saying he had done a good job and asks him to rest by giving him a sleeping pill to prepare for the big day the following day.

Just then, In-joo and Do-il sneak into the house with the help of a maidservant. They visit Hyo-rin and the girl claims that Sang-ha was responsible for In-hye’s disappearance. She is sure that In-hye would never leave her alone. They overhear Sang-ha moving about the house and notice her going to a secret passage in the house. Sang-ha is in the closed room with In-hye and the child is stoic about Sang-ha’s next move.

She claims that she would rather die than live in Sang-ha’s closed room. In-hye leaves Sang-ha stumped with her words and the latter reveals how his mother’s absence from her life as she lived in the same room haunted her. Sang-ha states that her mother was a devout Christian and did not like the ways of the Jeongran Society. She locked herself in the room in eventually killed herself.

Sang-ha believes that she should’ve just stayed on like nothing was wrong and pretend to live a normal life. She also states that he brother too should have played along as she sheds some tears. Sang-ha then gives In-hye a photograph of herself, Sang-woo and Jae-sang as kids and asks her to paint it for him.

In-kyung worries about Sang-woo and Hee-jae states that one of his guns was missing. Hee-jae states that Sang-woo is not the kind to kill someone as In-kyung wonders if the former CEO went out to kill Jae-sang all by himself. As In-hye paints, Hyo-rin, In-joo and Do-il manage to break into the closed room and flee In-hye out of the Park house as Hyo-rin joins them too.

Jae-sang is at the rally where the public is cheering over him. Soo-im tells him that Do-il has been involved with the Oh sisters and he orders Soo-im to have his mother hospitalised in order to stump him. In-kyung is not able to make it on any leading news and Hee-jae seems disheartened. The next morning, Sang-ha has brought the house down when she learns Hyo-rin is missing.

In-joo is at the Park house to meet Sang-ha. She tells Sang-ha that the two girls are on their own trying to live a normal life away from the chaos and asks Sang-ha to let them be. She hands Sang-ha a letter from Hyo-rin and the mother gets emotional. She believes that she will be able to get her daughter back but In-joo tells her to leave them to live a better life.

The two girls are happy on their cruise to Japan. Sang-ha plants a seed of doubt in the mind of In-joo about her trust in Do-il. At Hee-jae’s house, In-joo wonders if In-kyung will be ready to leave everything behind for a while and take a trip abroad but the latter states that she wants to really expose Jae-sang first. In-kyung suddenly sees something on her laptop and is shocked as In-joo comforts her.

Do-il and Hee-jae are at the place where Jae-sang will be holding his rally and the veteran gives his son a list of weapons he owns. He states if Hee-jae is not able to make it the following day after Jae-sang’s assassination, Do-il should take care of the weapons but the son does not agree to do so. Do-il calls Hee-jae a stranger and leaves as he gets a message from Soo-im.

As Do-il visits his mother, Jae-sang arrives there. After a conversation, Do-il makes a deal with Jae-sang promising to help kill Hee-jae and stop the assassination in exchange for his mother’s freedom. Do-il agrees to the proposal and seemingly betrays In-joo and the team as he makes her sign a contract to hand over her power of attorney to the 70 billion won. In-kyung and Jong-ho read the paper and state that In-joo should sign the document and the oldest sister does so.

Soo-im’s men hear the conversation via a bug on Do-il’s watch and Soo-im releases Do-il’s mother from the hospital. Do-il also lets Soo-im’s men know the location of Hee-jae’s guns to assassinate Jae-sang. The guns are moved away after Hee-jae has left them. Do-il sends In-joo to the military veteran that In-kyung had visited in the past with a document on Do-il’s behalf.

The veteran makes an offer to purchase Hee-jae’s weapon collection and Hee-jae agrees to deliver them to the man. Soo-im’s men plant a bomb on Hee-jae’s truck that blows up as soon as Hee-jae arrives at the veteran’s house. Soo-im’s men watch Hee-jae being rushed to the hospital after he had burned himself and notice a hysterical In-joo trying frantically to call Do-il.

Do-il on the other hand is on a flight with his mother with the promise never to return back to the country. Jae-sang and Sang-ha are happy about their victory as the former are set to appear on a news show. But, the news channel is airing a special broadcast with In-kyung. The former reporter presents Do-il’s mother and it looks like Do-il managed to double-cross Jae-sang.

Hee-jae is well at the hospital and In-joo is shocked to see him unscathed despite the burns. On the news platform, In-kyung exposes Park Jae-sang’s father Il-bok for being responsible for the death of Do-il’s mother, So-yeong’s alleged victim. So-yeong claims that Il-bok had killed the man in order to generate a slush fund with trillions of won and used her to take the fall in his stead.

Hee-jae had stored evidence with Il-bok’s DNA on the murder weapon and used that to expose how Jae-sang was the son of a killer. Do-il rushes to the hospital to save In-joo and Hee-jae and the trio rush out. Meanwhile, In-kyung states that she will answer more questions in the coming days.

In-joo is shocked by the series of events that took place without her knowledge as Do-il narrates how it all started when she led him to meet Hee-jae. It is also revealed that all but In-joo were in on the plan as she is incapable of telling a lie. In-joo is a bit pissed at Do-il for lying to her as he smiles wickedly at her expense.

Jae-sang and In-kyung run into each other on their way out and she promises to finally expose him with all the right evidence that she needs. He mocks her for being a mentally retarded criminal but she states that she will let the nation know who their mayor was in reality. As In-joo, Do-il and Hee-jae are moving through a parking lot, the cops arrest the veteran for illegal possession of a weapon.

The next day, it is reported on the news that Hee-jae was arrested after a tip mentioned that the veteran was planning to assassinate Jae-sang. Ma-ri states that despite the exposé, the public sentiment against Jae-sang had still not soured. Later that evening he appears at the rally with crowds of people watching.

Do-il and In-joo too are watching from a distance as the former plays the video clip of Jae-sang murdering Sang-woo as captured by Sang-woo himself. Soo-im manages to turn off the video but a while later, Do-il plays the second clip of Jae-sang brutally killing Sang-woo. Jong-ho praises In-kyung for her bravery.

She is touched when he states that In-kyung is someone who reports typhoons. Jong-ho states that Jae-sang too was a typhoon of a kind. Soo-im manages to stop playing the second clip and Jae-sang tells the crowd that this was all a hoax asking them to trust him. Meanwhile, In-kyung is on public news again and she reveals how the victim – Sang-woo himself uploaded the clip on a server for her to find after his death.

Jae-sang’s representatives tell the reporters and media that the video was made using a deep fake of Jae-sang and that it was completely synthesised. Meanwhile, Jae-sang still manages to win the election despite the exposé from the sisters. Jae-sang mentions how it was time for him to start all over again.

In-kyung is on the news for a third time while during her broadcast it is announced that Jae-sang had committed suicide after jumping off a roof. In-joo, who is watching the news from her house is shocked while In-kyung is motionless when she is asked to comment about this on live television. Sang-ha looks at Jae-sang’s body in the morgue and there is a blue orchid in his hand.

Sang-ha calls In-joo on her way out and warns her about what is in store for her in the days to come. In-joo is worried as she calls Do-il who doesn’t answer her calls. She checks her balance on the international bank account and it turns out that the 70 billion won are gone too. She finds some people banging on her front door as they forcefully enter the house to find her in shock.

The Episode Review

This episode will probably be a hard watch for many and seeing how Jae-sang brutally murders Sang-woo within the first 10 minutes or so. It is disheartening if Sang-ha is letting all this happen for money. It seems ironic how her father left behind the orchids for her and how she turned the world around in the name of said orchids.

Little Women is nuanced with its approach and how fans were initially led to believe that it is Jae-sang who was the master manipulator and Sang-ha was a pawn, only for it to be turned the other way around. The rich and the poor aside, I am glad that Hyo-rin and In-hye finally have a getaway and that they are away from the chaos.

I do feel like the little girls will have a bigger purpose by the end of the show as we head into finale week. I refuse to believe that Do-il betrayed In-joo by stealing all of her money as she is arrested as shown in the preview. I hope this is a part of his grand plan and that he is actually doing that to avoid anything Sang-ha has planned against the Oh sisters.

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