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Little Voice – Season 1 Episode 9 (The Finale) Recap & Review

Sing What I Can’t Say

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8 episodes of Bess pushing everyone away, wallowing in self pity and loathing her life all boils down to this. We begin the season 1 finale with Bess waking up to find her Mother playing the violin in the living room. Letting go of her resentment, Bess finally embraces her newfound family set-up. As they head out for a day trip together, her Mother lashes out at Louie while he’s performing his vlog and slaps him in the face. Unfortunately what little faith Bess had in her has now been lost. 

Following this incident she puts Louie in a tough position and makes him choose between her Mother and Sister. After some contemplation, he decides to stay with Bess.

In the wake of this, Louie joins Bess at the nursing home where she performs again and this time Daisy really starts to come through and open up. While Louie sits with her, Bess leaves a voicemail for her Father and requests he come home.

Meanwhile, Prisha breaks the news to her sister about her sexuality but she’s less than enthused, unsure what to do with this news given Bess has put her in a difficult position. Back home, she thinks over her choices as Bess arrives and takes Prisha with her to perform a song with Samuel. Only, before they head up on stage the two suddenly start kissing. At the same time, Prisha and Ananya start kissing too.

Up on stage, Bess continues to sing despite power cuts and Ethan turns up to see her perform with Samuel. It turns out the record producer is sitting at one of the tables too and he writes down Bess’ name on a napkin as the episode ends.

While the final song is a nice way to crescendo everything together, it also feels hollow and unrewarding after a season of Bess getting handed most of her opportunities. On top of that, the show fails to answer a lot of questions in the hope of a second season renewal.

What happened with Bess’ Father? Where did he go? What happened with Prisha’s parents? Will Prisha come clean about her sexuality or keep it a secret? Why is Ethan still hanging around after packing his stuff up? And will there be a big enough crowd to want a second season to answer these questions? As the dust settles over this one, Little Voice does have a few stand-out moments but this music drama hits far too many bum notes to make it feel like a tonally consistent series.

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