Little Voice – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Quick, Quick Slow

As these episodes are released weekly on AppleTV, do be aware of spoilers within each recap!

Episode 5 of Little Voice begins with Bess back in the studio and nailing her song. Jeremy suggests she could do a music video and promises to turn her into a big star. In the wake of this, she excitedly visits Samuel and discusses what she’s going to wear for her big break. Finally getting into the groove with her music, Bess does well with her practice session. She hastily visits Ethan next and he agrees to help her shoot a music video.

Before she arrives, Bess drops off Louie at Broadwaycon and starts getting dressed ready for her big day. When she arrives, she runs into Laila who happens to be prepping food for the music video shooting ahead. She’s incredibly friendly and supportive of Bess but our protagonist finds it difficult to put on a smile given the jealousy brewing between her and Ethan

The music video shooting is a big success to begin with but Ethan soon changes his tune when he sees Samuel getting closer to her. After telling him to step back, Samuel realizes what’s going on and watches with disdain as Bess eyes up the Director rather than the camera.

Bess admits as much to Prisha too, and the two discuss how perfect Laila is. In the wake of this, Samuel invites Bess out for a drink but instead she rejects him and approaches Ethan. He lays it out on the line and tells her she wants him and will break up with Laila for her, which is where the episode ends.

Where is the struggle? It’s a question you’ll find yourself asking time and again with this drama and it’s something Little Voice never really answers with much conviction. Bess has literally waltzed her way into getting studio time and a gig while the lack of struggle along the way makes this feel like a hollow victory.

The love triangle angle feels contrived too and there’s just not enough likability with Bess for this to stand out. For now though, Little Voice ends with another tepid episode.

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